1991 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 inspired the 2022 Land Cruiser FJ300

by Gabrielle DeSantis

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a classic figure on any road and in many personal garages. With all of the hubbub surrounding the release of the 2022 Land Cruiser FJ300, Toyota noted that a lot of the inspiration for the new model came from the 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80. Which attributes have stood the test of time?

The classic Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80

The 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 | Toyota

The Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 was released in 1991 and was the first year that it became a little more grown-up. Japanese Nostalgic Car translated a documentary put out by Toyota last week that documents the Development Story of the new Land Cruiser.

In the documentary, Toyota noted that the FJ80 generation of LC was the “north star” during the development phase. Takami Yokoo, Chief Engineer of the FJ300, noted that the Land Cruiser is the only vehicle to have traveled through all terrains as it has. It seems that Toyota is the only brand that can make such a broad statement.

Yokoo and the rest of the development team took the most recent Cruiser around Australia, one of the more treacherous terrains mixed with regular city streets. Yokoo and the Land Cruiser drove for over 1,000 miles and noticed that driver fatigue was an issue. With that, the brand set out to improve the “on-pavement smoothness.”

“Even as times change, the Land Cruiser has to be true to its core. I was constantly reminding the development team, ‘This is not just a car, it’s the Land Cruiser,’”

Takami Yokoo | Toyota

The team used laser-welding techniques to help improve the suspension while also reducing the overall weight by 440 pounds. The wheelbase, dubbed the “golden ratio” setup, remained unchanged from the Land Cruiser 80.

Is Toyota coming out with a new Land Cruiser?

The 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser LC300
The 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 | Toyota

One of the major changes with the Land Cruiser 300 is the absence of the V8. This made quite a splash with fans, but it makes sense. Akira Miura is a Dakar Rally racer and helped work with the Toyota team on this. The V8 was a source of weight that was no longer beneficial. With the new turbo V6 option, the LC is more balanced. The SUV isn’t as heavy in the front, which gives the driver better control throughout.

Speaking of control, the new wheel articulation feature is a number that indicates the ability of a tire to stay on the ground. The Electronic Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System E-KDSS system is the first in the world to improve road-holding.

Multi-Terrain Monitor is a way to display obstacles from the driver’s point of view. Multi-Terrain Select helps judge the road based on the surface and selects the best driving mode for the terrain ahead.

“Our customers trust this car”

Paul Currion wrote about the history of the SUV in the Panorama Journal. Currion said that while the Land Cruiser is important in getting to the people who need aid, it is also a station. While out in areas with extreme weather or situations, the Cruiser allowed workers a moment of quiet. It provided an office for work and air-conditioned space for a break, no matter where the team landed.

Toyota seemed to remember that when developing the new version. The video emphasized that people who own the LC trust the vehicle. “Our customers trust this car, and many say they think of it as a family member,” Sadayoshi Koyari, the Former Chief Engineer, said. “I believe this car’s mission is to take you wherever you want to go and bring you home in one piece, no matter what.”

While everything said is true, it is interesting to watch how much that impacted the design of the new LC. Since there has not been a redesign since 2017, it is assured that Toyota took all the necessary steps to create the new Land Cruiser. It is definitely a relationship of love between Toyota, the Land Cruiser, and those that drive one.

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