2 New Corvettes Stolen From the Same Owner in 3 Months

by Gabrielle DeSantis

If this doesn’t take the cake for bad luck we don’t know what does? A woman in Dallas, Texas, had her new Corvette stolen from her apartment complex this past February. Her Corvette was Torch Red and loaded. When it wasn’t recovered she purchased another one. Same Torch Red, same options. 

Having two new Corvettes stolen was “the most expensive mistake of my life”

New Torch Red Corvette | GM

She even bought a locking car cover for it as an extra layer of protection. Or so she thought. Now she told NBC5 she made “the most expensive mistake in my life.” That is because earlier this month her second Corvette was stolen, too. 

Taken together the amount of the claims is around $180k. Now Melissa Anderson is saying she is sure the apartment complex attracts burglaries. We would have to agree. That’s because according to the Dallas Police Department, there have been at least 10 reports of grand theft auto at the AMLI Design District apartment complex. 

The Corvette owner thinks her apartment complex is a theft target

New red Corvette rear 3/4 view
New red Corvette | GM

“It’s a target. There is an organized crime operation when it comes to auto thefts and burglary when it comes to this building,” she said. The time frame for all of these thefts has been fairly short, according to Anderson. 

Of course, this raises all kinds of questions. Is there video surveillance? If not, why not under the circumstances? Why didn’t she have a system like Lojack so the location of the stolen Corvette could be determined? Why aren’t there better safeguards for entering and exiting the parking area?

With two new Corvettes gone, it raises many questions about what is happening

Torh Red corvette detail
Luxury supercar Chevrolet Corvette in red at the Canada International Auto Show | Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images

Have the Dallas Police stepped up patrols of the area, especially if it can be determined these burglaries happen at certain times of the day? We’re only getting started but you probably had similar questions yourself. If nothing else a cheap shut-off to the ignition source would give a bit more protection unless the thieves are just yanking the Corvettes onto a flatbed.

But Anderson’s last comment may paint a better picture of what is happening. She says the apartment management “dismissed the whole thing, they haven’t sent out notices about various crimes happening in our building.”

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