$5000 Custom Camaro Converted Ute Seems Like a Bargain

by Gabrielle DeSantis

We can’t tell whether this custom Camaro-Ute mashup is a Bondo barge or not. But from the pictures, it looks fairly legit. And for a little over $5,000 asking price this looks like a bargain. This is a 1997 Camaro converted into a Ute or El Camino.

Never one of our favorite Camaros (though we love them all), we can say this oddball car/truck really got our attention. Taken on its surface it is a converted Camaro, but the amount of work to get to this final product is impressive. For starters, the builder extended the wheelbase to offer a functional bed to actually carry stuff in.

This custom Camaro Ute looks surprisingly well done

1997 Camaro Ute custom | Facebook

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All of the extra length was added between the doors and rear axle. The top hoop is a natural stopping point for the top. To that, a rear window was added and the builder was off to the races. 

It lacks a tailgate but we suspect the back panel opens up as it does on a stock Camaro. All of that area looks unaltered from a stock Camaro. Except there’s no rear window.  And there’s a pickup bed. 

We don’t mind the cheapness of the plastic Camaro interior

1997 Camaro Ute custom interior
1997 Camaro Ute interior | Facebook

The interior shots look reasonably stock which is probably a good thing. We don’t mind the cheapness of the plastic, at least it is all shiny and nick-free. As you know plastic can get ugly after a few years of use and the sun cooking it. Sometimes it actually turns into a powder. 

And it wouldn’t be a Camaro without those bitchin’ T-tops. We just hope the body has been reinforced because these were a bit twitchy in stock form. As everything looks so well done we suspect there are some hefty reinforcements running front to back tying this whole thing together. 

We’d make this Camaro Ute thing our every day

rear view of 1997 Camaro Ute custom | Facebook
1997 Camaro Ute custom | Facebook

Power is from a “new rebuilt LKQ engine” and 700R4 automatic transmission. With 62,975 miles we’d say this thing is a low-mile hauler. We’d make it our every day and never look back. Yes, it’s unique, but what’s the point of only taking it out for special occasions? 

The seller notes you can haul around “your bike, your bed, a keg, or your potbelly pig.” We assume this is a veiled attempt to suggest you can’t haul 7,000 lbs of lumber or gravel. We get it, and wouldn’t. 

But for that rolled-up rug, small dump runs, or a couple of mountain bikes you can’t beat it. If we’ve convinced you then head on over to the Facebook Marketplace post and step up. Tell them MotorBiscuit sent you. 

1997 Camaro Ute custom front view
1997 Camaro Ute custom | Facebook

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