Akon’s 2020 Range Rover Was Stolen in Atlanta

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Oh no, hip-hop singer, Akon was a victim of a crime in Atlanta, Georgia. Akon’s 2020 Range Rover was stolen from a gas station! But Akon made one crucial move that made it easier for the thief to flee in his Range Rover

Akon’s 2020 Range Rover was stolen in Atlanta 

2020 Range Rover | Land Rover

According to WSB-TV, Akon was the victim of a crime! His luxury SUV was stolen with expensive items inside while he was in a gas station. The luxury SUV just happened to be his 2020 Range Rover, which begins at around $90,900. 

Atlanta police said officers were called to the QuickTrip on Sidney Marcus Boulevard just before midnight about vehicle theft. Once they arrived, they met Aliaune Thiam, aka Akon, who admitted to making one major mistake. 

Akon left his Range Rover running at the gas station as he went inside. Then someone slipped inside and drove off. Never leave your vehicle running or with the keys inside, as that provides an opportunity for thieves to strike! 

What we know about the stolen Range Rover 

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Akon shared that once his 2020 Range Rover was stolen, it was being followed by a dark-colored sedan heading eastbound on Sidney Marcus Boulevard toward Buford Highway. Surveillance video shows the suspect car pulling up near Akon’s SUV. Then a passenger got out and slipped into the driver’s seat before speeding off. 

But Akon made a pretty smart move after realizing his iPhone was left inside of the SUV. He was able to use the Find My iPhone app to track the Range Rover. The app said the SUV was in Forest Park, and that’s where the SUV was found. 

Akon mentioned to the police that he had some expensive items in that SUV, including a diamond necklace worth $25,000, his passport, and thousands of dollars worth of Louis Vuitton luggage. 

He isn’t the only rapper to have his vehicle stolen in Hotlanta. In January, Ludacris had his Mercedes-Benz stolen while he went into the ATM near 8th and Peachtree Street in Midtown. He had his iPad inside. 

The location of the iPad led police to a Hyundai SUV parked on Lois Place in northwest Atlanta. Luda’s iPad, Louis Vuitton bag, and laptop were inside and returned to him. Ludacris also left his vehicle running while he went inside! The Mercedes-Benz was later found.

Is the Range Rover a nice SUV? 

Gray Range Rover Velar crossover luxury SUV on display at Brussels Expo
The Land Rover Range Rover Velar | Getty Images

Well, with the base price of $90,900, the 2020 Range Rover better be nice. It doesn’t disappoint. The base engine is a turbocharged inline-six option with electric assist. In the P360, it pumps out 355 hp. In the HSE 400, it provides 395 hp. 

Each Range Rover model comes standard with wood-veneer trim, leather seats, and a heated leather steering wheel. As you move up in trim levels, you get even more leather in the interior. The carpet that lines the cargo compartment can be upgraded to attractively finished wood. 

Under the main infotainment screen, a secondary screen provides access to the climate controls, driving modes, and vehicle settings, such as the optional massage seats. Standard features include forward-collision warning, automated emergency braking, and lane-departure warning. 

We bet Akon was thrilled to see his Range Rover again! Atlanta Police Deputy Chief Micheal O’Connor shared, “It’s imperative that people take their key fob with them when they leave their vehicle.” Don’t leave your car running or with the keys inside, folks!

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