Audi Wants to Change How You Charge Your EV

by Gabrielle DeSantis

EV charging structure is a bit of a problem for the world right now. Chargers are few and far between in most places, especially rural ones, and there’s no standardization across brands. Audi is hoping to solve a few of those problems. Earlier this week, the German car company unveiled its idea for a new way to charge your EV. The idea looks to centralize charging a little more, as opposed to the smattering of chargers found in supermarket parking lots. However, whether this will solve the charging problems humanity faces remains to be seen.

What is Audi’s new charging station?

Audi charging hub exterior | Audi

In accordance with the Ingolstadt-based marque’s plan to increase its EV lineup by 2025, charging infrastructure is getting a boost too. Per the press release, the above image is what can be expected when you go to charge your four rings-branded EV. Looks kind of like a gas station doesn’t it? According to the German brand, it’s supposed to be a little more than that, however.

In addition to providing a centralized location to charge your e-tron EV, the charging hub will improve on how EVs get charged. Hopefully, this technology gets shared with other manufacturers. Competition in the EV market is healthy, but a balance must be struck. That being said, chargers at these stations will be capable of up to 300 kW and will use a more conventional 400-volt hook-up. The goal here is for customers to only spend around a half-hour at a charging station.

Ingolstadt’s vision of the new gas station

The interior of Audi's new charging hub concept with wood, tile and black walls
Audi charging hub | Audi

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That’s not all. Audi wants you to enjoy your premium charging experience, and the design of their station reflects that. So much so that these stations could be mistaken for small dealerships. The German automaker states that the upstairs lounge will provide a “perfect space and setting for a break with added value”. Being a luxury brand, there will of course be amenities on offer.

What these amenities are is a little vague. Coffee is specifically mentioned in the press release, as well as snacks and non-food items. In all likelihood, you’ll be able to pick up some Audi swag at the charging station. The feel of this lounge is already dealership-like, and Audi seems to want to capitalize on that to set the charging station apart from conventional gas stations.

Can this help change charging for the better?

A blue Audi RS e-tron GT on stage at an auto show in Shanghai
The Audi RS e-tron GT | Qilai Shen via Getty Images

With any luck, these stations will become the norm. The concept seems convenient, just like say, a convenience station. If the concept catches on with other manufacturers, it will surely stay brand-specific at least for now. It’s not hard to see third-party charging stations becoming part of the norm, hopefully with some kind of universal charger. For now, Audi plans to have a prototype station up and running later this year, with more to come soon after.

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