BMW X5 with HYDROGEN FUEL – This is the FUTURE of CARS!

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BMW expands into Hydrogen Power with Fuel-Cell SUV based on the X5. The BMW iX5 hydrogen fuel-cell SUV is now entering low-volume production and will begin testing in select regions next spring. Based on the regular BMW X5, the iX5 is retrofitted with a fuel-cell stack, an electric motor and battery, and a new floor to fit its hydrogen tanks. BMW believes both electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles are necessary to combat climate change, with the iX5 a potential precursor to future models.

Along with a growing number of automakers, hydrigen is a future fuel that is showing promising results. Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, General Motors and others are already testing these fuels.

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00:00 BMW hydrogen future
00:53 the technology
02:01 benefits of hydrogen
03:04 costs
04:34 driving the #hydrogen X5
06:13 the future

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