One big priority for us at Cavender Auto Group is refining our processes and settling back into fostering experts at our stores.  The last few years have been very simple for dealers and many automotive professionals have gotten stagnant.  A combination of the increase in inventories, increase in interest rates, and a dramatically different economy will shock many people who stick to the “COVID gameplan”.  It is imperative that we take the convenience aspects that COVID taught us (ie: digital retailing, pick up and delivery, etc.) and bring them back into a process where selling isn’t as easy a handing someone the keys.

With the launch of our latest hardware solution, TraXtion has changed the game forever. We have completely taken the cost of equipment out of the decision for the dealers. The equipment manufacturers like Hunter and UVeye will not be able to compete going forward. We have done this to allow the dealers to have the “right” process.

When we were a young company, my father was asked what surprised him the most about the car business. He said, "the amount of money that people make in the business". He didn’t mean that negatively and Morganhas always out compensated our competition (for the most part). First of all, very few of our General Managers are college graduates, and they have the ability to make great money. Most folks don’t jump into car sales hoping to stay there. They need to know what forward mobility looks like DAY ONE and they need to understand that we can provide all of the needed education to get there, even to run a store, if that is what they desire.