With the launch of our latest hardware solution, TraXtion has changed the game forever. We have completely taken the cost of equipment out of the decision for the dealers. The equipment manufacturers like Hunter and UVeye will not be able to compete going forward. We have done this to allow the dealers to have the “right” process.

When we were a young company, my father was asked what surprised him the most about the car business. He said, “the amount of money that people make in the business”. He didn’t mean that negatively and Morganhas always out compensated our competition (for the most part). First of all, very few of our General Managers are college graduates, and they have the ability to make great money. Most folks don’t jump into car sales hoping to stay there. They need to know what forward mobility looks like DAY ONE and they need to understand that we can provide all of the needed education to get there, even to run a store, if that is what they desire.

Technology is now able to remove more and more administrative items off a Used Car Managers plate, on a daily basis. It reminds of 20 years ago, when technology allowed multiple lease options to be calculated in seconds. Prior to that, all leases were calculated manually, with a calculator & desked with a green Sharpie. There is a similar transition happening now with Used Vehicle inventory management & appraising. There are some that do not want to let go of the past, and the legacy way of doing things.