Cheap EVs: The 2021 Nissan LEAF Gets up to $15,000 off

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Before Tesla arrived and opened up the EV floodgates, the original Nissan LEAF was one of the very few options available for the U.S. market. In fact, the second-gen LEAF we’ll be looking at today replaced the original model in 2017 and added sharper styling and improved electrical range. Despite being on sale for four years at this point, this electric hatchback is still benefiting from some seriously enticing discounts.

That’s exactly what CarsDirect found when looking at the latest deals available for the model. Additionally, you don’t have to jump through any strenuous hoops to claim the full discount. Here is how you can get up to $15,000 off on your next EV.

How much does a 2021 Nissan LEAF cost?

Nissan LEAF | Nissan

Before we dive in to cover these latest 2021 Nissan LEAF discounts, let’s go over exactly how much this electric hatchback costs in the first place. Even if you don’t use these available discounts, the LEAF won’t necessarily break the bank. That’s because his Japanese EV starts at $31,670. You get a 40kWh lithium-ion battery, a single electric motor, and just over 150 miles of electric range for that price.

If you want slightly more electric range, you can jump up to the Nissan LEAF S Plus, which gets you a larger 62 kWh battery for $38,270. Aside from raising the EV’s horsepower output from 148 to 214, you also get a maximum range of 226 miles. Considering that the average daily commute is around 16 miles, either model works well.

However, since EVs aren’t exactly the most popular vehicles on the road, there are still massive discounts on these machines. As a result, you shouldn’t pay these retail prices.

Here is how you can save your first $7,500

An image of a white Nissan LEAF parked outdoors.
Nissan LEAF | Nissan

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While this latest Nissan LEAF discount is split up into at least two major parts, it’s still relatively easy to take advantage of. According to CarsDirect, the very first thing you’ll be looking for is a $7,500 rebate available for buyers that opt to pay for their vehicle in cash. However, if you prefer to finance, Nissan offers up to $6,000 off with a 0 percent APR for 72 months. As a result, you’ll get interest-free financing and a massive discount upfront.

In terms of restriction, this offer is currently only available through June 1st. Additionally, the financing deal is only available when you utilize the manufacturer’s bank.

According to CarsDirect, these deals are relatively rare for the model, especially when considering that the previous big discount was capped at $3,000. However, as all great infomercials say, wait, there’s more.

Does the 2021 Nissan LEAF qualify for the $7,500 tax credit?

An image of a Nissan LEAF out on the road.
Nissan LEAF | Nissan

The second $7,500 for your Nissan LEAF will come directly from Uncle Sam. That’s because this electric hatchback still qualifies for a tax credit of $7,500. Since the Japanese carmaker hasn’t sold more than 200,000 EVs as of writing, the discount is yours for the taking.

If you happen to live in California, you can save even more. According to CarsDirect, buyers in California could even qualify for an additional $2,000 Clean Vehicle Rebate and a $1,500 Clean Fuel Reward. As a result, this hatchback might be one of the cheapest brand-new EVs around.

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