Chuck Hartle: Inventory Control and Manufacturer ASR’s

Chuck Hartle is the Founder and President of Parts Edge, a company helping to increase DMS utilization, improves efficiency, accuracy, and profitability with solid and consistent plans for eliminating all types of idle inventory in a Parts Operations.

In this Summer Camp Series episode of the Parts Girl Podcast, we are joined by Chuck Hartle, an experienced professional in the automotive industry, specifically in the parts and service sector. Chuck Hartle shares valuable insights into inventory control, pricing strategies, and the challenges faced by parts managers in today’s competitive market.

Inventory Management and Manufacturer Relations

Chuck emphasizes the importance of understanding the rules and policies set by manufacturers. He explains that while dealerships fulfill a crucial role in holding inventory and maintaining compliance, manufacturers often control the inventory and hold dealers accountable. However, Chuck encourages dealerships not to rely solely on manufacturers. Instead, they should strive for efficiency to protect their bottom line and pass expenses effectively on to customers. Next, he delves into the need for effective inventory management and accurate record-keeping. Organized operations not only foster excellent customer service but also maximize profits and reduce holding costs. His stress relief activity, interestingly, is organizing and straightening inventory, attesting to his dedication and expertise.

Strategic Parts Management and Pricing

Furthermore, Chuck advises parts managers to pay attention to special orders and maintain strong communication with customers. By focusing on these special orders and identifying wholesale clients who frequently return parts, dealerships can achieve more success in parts management. To cap off this section, Chuck discusses the importance of pricing adjustments, especially on wholesale items, to increase gross profit figures and navigate the escalating costs of doing business.

Key Takeaways and Conversation Continuation

In conclusion, join Kaylee and Chuck as they continue to explore the intricacies of parts management, pricing strategies, and efficient inventory control. This episode, filled with practical advice and real-life experiences, is a valuable resource for anyone in the automotive parts industry.


  1. Understand the rules and policies.
  2. Control special orders and communicate effectively.
  3. Make pricing adjustments and increase gross profit figures.


“Know the rules based on your manufacturer. Know them in-depth.” –Chuck Hartle


Chuck Hartle



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