Chuck Hartle: Uncovering Hidden Profit Opportunities in Parts Sales

Chuck Hartle is the founder and president of PartsEdge, a leading automotive parts distributor based in Ohioa helping to increase DMS utilization, improves efficiency, accuracy, and profitability with solid and consistent plans for eliminating all types of idle inventory in a Parts Operations. With over 16 years in the automotive industry, Chuck joined PartsEdge in 2011 and has since played a key role in expanding the company’s national distribution reach.

Introduction to Strategic Parts Pricing

In today’s fast-paced auto industry, mastering the art of strategic auto parts pricing is crucial for dealerships striving to maximize their profits. Kaylee Felio, the host of the Parts Girl Podcast, dives into this topic in an engaging episode featuring Chuck Hartle, the Founder and CEO of the renowned auto parts distributor, PartsEdge. Together, they explore effective strategies to optimize pricing through in-depth customer pay analysis and strategic matrix utilization.

Unraveling the Complexities of the Pricing Matrix

Many dealers instinctively raise their pricing matrix to increase gross profits, but Chuck Hartle offers a different perspective. He highlights the untapped potential in reevaluating the pricing of maintenance parts, which often remain constant despite escalating costs. He encourages dealers to conduct comprehensive customer pay analyses, excluding internal sales, to truly understand their matrix usage. Surprisingly, these analyses reveal that on average, only 15% of parts actively participate in matrix pricing.

Elevating Inventory Management with Precision

Chuck Hartle also underscores the importance of breaking down inventory into finer categories and assigning accurate codes for enhanced flexibility. This approach opens up various pricing options and matrices to help dealers meet their goals. He recommends partnering with seasoned experts from PartsEdge or a reliable DMS vendor to navigate the intricacies of inventory coding structures and optimize outcomes.

Embracing Data-Driven Decisions for Enhanced Profits

In wrapping up the discussion, Chuck Hartle stresses the significance of regularly analyzing customer pay data, adjusting maintenance parts pricing, implementing detailed inventory coding, and seeking expert advice. These practices empower dealerships to make informed, data-driven decisions, ensuring they optimize parts profits effectively and maintain a competitive edge in the auto industry.



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  1. Only 15% of parts use matrix pricing.
  2. Focus pricing on maintenance, not just matrix.
  3. More inventory sources and price codes enable accurate pricing.


“Nowadays, only about 15 percent of the parts are actually being matrixed.” –Chuck Hartle


Chuck Hartle



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