Clint Bowyer Makes Offensive Remark About Weight of Fans During Fox NASCAR Broadcast: ‘Thank God I Didn’t Charge by the Chin in That Picture’

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Since Clint Bowyer joined the Fox NASCAR Cup Series broadcast team to start the 2021 season, he’s never shied away from sharing his honest feelings. It’s often entertaining as he and Jeff Gordon banter back and forth throughout much of the race broadcast, often making jokes at the other’s expense. 

During Sunday’s race at Dover, Bowyer trained his sights on the grandstands and made a joke at the expense of some of his fans in attendance. While his remarks were very Bowyer-like, and some likely found funny, there’s no doubt a certain segment of the viewing audience watching at home found the comments offensive. 

Clint Bowyer the butt of jokes this season on Fox

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Clint Bowyer knows his role on Fox’s NASCAR coverage and plays it well. He and Jeff Gordon provide their expertise while playing off of each other throughout the broadcast day with commentary and comedy from the prerace show through the checkered flag. 

Bowyer accepted when he took the job that his Cup Series career total of 10 victories would consistently be compared to Gordon’s 93 wins and four championships. As a result, Gordon and others, including Chris Myers during the prerace show, have regularly pointed out how he’s always second-best.  

Gordon and Bowyer’s parents recently teamed up for an embarrassing prerace segment at Kansas where the hometown boy’s father talked about how his son once got pinned and lost to a girl in a wrestling match, only to be outdone by his mom, who called him out for having no friends as a child.

“He was kind of quiet. Wasn’t real social with his friends,” his mom said. “Our other two boys — he’s the middle one — and they had lots of friends and spent the night. Clint wasn’t really like that.” 

Bowyer jokes about weight of several fans in stands

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Early during Sunday’s race from Dover, the Fox broadcast returned from a commercial break and the cameras focused on a group of four (three men and a woman) wearing Clint Bowyer t-shirts. Two of the men realized they were being shown on the in-stadium big screen and triumphantly raised their arms.

Up in the broadcast booth, Mike Joy started a conversation about the same video being shown on TV.

“Clint, is that you on that shirt?” Joy asked.

“Yes. Yes, thank God I didn’t charge by the chin,” Bowyer answered, referring to the weight of the individuals shown. 

“Wait a minute, they spelled it B-o-y-e-r,” Joy pointed out, clearly making fun of the intelligence level of Bowyer’s fans while completely glossing over the initial remark. 

“It’s perfect. It’s perfect, Mike. It couldn’t be any better,” Bowyer responded. 

“Details, details,” Gordon chimed in with a laugh. 

Takes a shot at Gordon and his age

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Bowyer isn’t a stranger to questionable remarks. Earlier in the season at Homestead, he made an observation about the No. 19 car of Martin Truex and took a shot at Gordon and his age in the process. 

“I tell you what, Jeff, I really like this 19 here,” Bowyer opened. “I was looking at the side of this thing. It’s exactly like looking at your phone with those big letters and everything that you can see it. Everything shows up. That bold print.” 

Gordon initially laughed, then fired back. “I can’t wait for you to get older, man.”

“It’s your car. It’s built for you,” Bowyer replied. 

“That is definitely something I can see,” Gordon confirmed, as Bowyer laughed.

The fans at Dover didn’t have a chance to offer a retort to Bowyer’s comments. But there’s a pretty good chance if they could, and despite being loyal fans, it wouldn’t be too pleasant, considering they had their size called out in front of a national television audience.

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