Consumer Reports Top Rated Large Three-Row SUV Is No Surprise

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Three-row SUVs are super functional. They have plenty of space for passengers and cargo. Their size makes them safer in a crash with a smaller vehicle. How do you decide between them? Consumer Reports ranked the best three-row SUVs. The 2021 Ford Expedition is the best large three-row SUV.

2021 Ford Expedition | Ford

What criteria does Consumer Reports use to rate cars?

When Consumer Reports rated three-row SUVs, they focused on vehicles with a good, usable third row. They realized that a spacious third row where passengers can actually sit is important. So many three-row SUVs have only a cursory third-row, and not something that you’d actually want to put passengers in. 

Consumer Reports only chose vehicles that have the Consumer Reports recommended badge. This means that they scored well in the road test, and also have a good reliability rating. Consumer Reports is big on safety features, so the best three-row SUV has to have the most important safety features. The best three-row SUV must also have good crash test ratings.

The 2021 Ford Expedition is the best large three-row SUV because of its ratings and safety

The 2021 Ford Expedition gets a four out of five for its acceleration. It can go 0 to 60 in 7.3 seconds. Its transmission also gets a four out of five. 

Both the routine and emergency handling in the 2021 Ford Expedition aren’t great, at only a two out of five. Routine handling is measured by how agile Consumer Reports finds the SUV to be. Emergency handling is rated by several factors, including its max avoidance speed. 

Braking is a little better, getting a three out of five. The 2021 Ford Expedition can stop from 60 mph on dry pavement in 143 feet and on wet pavement in 157 feet. 

One of the best things about the 2021 Ford Expedition is the number of advanced safety systems it comes with. The Expedition comes with forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking at city and highway speeds, and pedestrian detection. 

The 2021 Expedition also comes with lane keeping assist and lane departure warning, as well as blind spot warning. It also comes with reat cross traffic warning, rear view camera, anti lock breaks, and traction and stability control. The only safety feature that Consumer Reports recommends that doesn’t come standard in the 2021 Ford Expedition is daytime running lights. You’d have to pay extra for those. 

Crash test ratings are generally good. The IIHS hasn’t tested the 2021 Ford Expedition, but the NHTSA has. It gave it five stars for everything except for rollover. The 2WD rating is only three out of five stars. The 4WD rating is a little better, at three out of five stars. 

The reliability and owner satisfaction contribute to the 2021 Ford Expedition being one of the best large three-row SUVs

Consumer Reports sends surveys to people who have bought previous versions of the Ford Expedition. They combine this data with what they know about the current model. This helps them predict how reliable a vehicle will be. 

The reliability score for the 2021 Ford Expedition is a three out of five. There’s no reliability score for the 2020, but most of the 2019 scores are good. The standout exception is the transmission minor, which has the worst rating. 

The overall owner satisfaction score for the 2021 Ford Expedition is a four out of five. Consumer Reports collects data from owners to determine how happy they are with the vehicle. Expedition owners are especially happy with the driving experience, giving it an 89 out of 100. Comfort gets a 90 out of 100, and styling gets an 83. However, the value was a surprisingly low 40 out of 100. Still, more people would buy the 2021 Ford Expedition again than any other large three-row SUV. 

Overall, the 2021 Ford Expedition is a fantastic choice for a large family or anyone who needs a little extra space. It combines good ratings, safety equipment and crash test ratings to be a solid three-row SUV. It’s no surprise that the 2021 Ford Expedition is the number one large three-row SUV out there. 

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