Convertible Cars That Can Fit a Child Car Seat

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Convertibles are not typically thought of as a family car, and you may have even had to give one up after having your first child. In addition to wondering if you could even afford a convertible on top of all the expenses that come with kids, you are probably concerned about your child’s safety. For example, do convertibles even have LATCH systems? Actually, any car manufactured in the US after 2003 must have both lower and tether LATCH anchors in the backseat, according to Carfax. Read on to find convertibles that can fit a child’s car seat.

Convertibles that fit a child’s car seat

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U.S. News put out a list in 2015 of convertibles that you can fit a child’s car seat. In fact, some of these models are better suited for kids in the back seat instead of adults. The first convertible on its list is the Ford Mustang, one of the more classic convertible cars. While the Mustang does not have much legroom in the back seat for grownups, kids are shorter, and when the roof is off, headroom is not really an issue. It also has two sets of lower LATCH anchors.

Another great convertible you can put the kids in is the MINI convertible. Its rear seat can easily accommodate kids and is even big enough to fit a rear-facing car seat. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a luxury convertible, check out the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. It easily sits four and has a smooth ride and an exquisite interior.

Why these are better than others

One reason these convertibles are better for kids than other models is that they have a back seat. Two-seater convertibles, such as the Mazda MX-5 Miata and the BMW Z4, are not kid-friendly. You can’t put a car seat in the front seat, and kids should never ride in the front seat of any car until they are at least 13 years old. These convertibles also have more spacious rear seats than some other convertibles. While legroom is not always an issue for kids, car seats do take up a fair amount of space. So, even though all cars with rear passenger seats will have LATCH anchors, they might not really have room to fit a child’s car seat comfortably. 

Since the original article talked about cars in 2015, are these same picks still good choices in 2021? The Mustang received a redesign in 2020, but unfortunately, the redesign took a hit regarding child-seat safety. The LATCH anchors are not as easy to access as earlier models, and the rear seats are a bit more cramped, even for kids. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class convertible is still a good choice. The luxury and space are still there, and it also comes with an impressive number of safety features. The downside to the E-Class is the price. Starting around $71,000, this model is definitely not easy on your wallet.

If you are looking for a convertible that you can still use as a family car, you have options. If you want luxury and have the means to get it, the Mercedes-Benz is a good choice. However, sometimes new is not always better. Older Mustangs, such as the 2010 model, have excellent safety ratings and LATCH anchors that are easier to access. Plus, it is nowhere near as expensive as a new car. Just make sure to check out the car history for any crashes or safety problems. This way, you do not have to give up your convertible when you have kids unless you have a two-seater. Sorry, no kids in the front seat.

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