David Long: Winning Mindset and Effective Leadership


David Long is the founder of Pandemic of Positivity, and is the Executive General Manager at Hansel Auto Group. With over 30 years experience in the automotive industry, he has held roles from General Manager to Vice President of Operations. David also hosts the All Things Used Cars Podcast and is an esteemed public speaker, traveling worldwide to share his insights on training, leadership, and team development.

The Power of Full Commitment

David Long warns against half-hearted efforts in goal attainment. He advises listeners to avoid being “toad dippers.” Instead, he champions full commitment to our endeavors. This, he believes, is the cornerstone of progress.

Setting and Upholding High Standards

Conversation shifts to the topic of hiring and management practices. Clear expectations are a must. Accountability is non-negotiable. Long asserts that a robust hiring process can set up teams for success.

Knowing When to Let Go

Sometimes, parting ways with employees is necessary. This decision can be tough. But it often leads to better alignment within the team. It promotes organizational health, according to Long.

The Importance of Feedback Loops

Kaylee and David discuss the use of culture surveys and evaluations. These tools help measure alignment and perceptions in the workplace. They bridge communication gaps. They facilitate improved leadership and employee relations.

Mutual Growth: The Ripple Effect of Success

David speaks about the people who have helped him succeed. He aims to pay it forward. Kaylee echoes his sentiments. She stresses the satisfaction derived from supporting others’ growth. Both recognize the need to distance oneself from negative influences.

Personal Journeys of Growth

Long shares how sobriety and the book “Codependent No More” shaped his life. These experiences underscore the importance of being mindful of influences in one’s life. Helping others, he finds, has anchored his 35 years of sobriety.

Community and Communication in Leadership

Both hosts delve into the lesson that communication is key. Assumptions can derail understanding. They speak about David’s involvement in online clubhouses. He values the communal learning that takes place there.

Superpowers and the Personal Touch

The episode takes a lighter turn. The hosts talk about superpowers and their driving preferences. They also share personal tidbits. Kaylee speaks about new parenthood. David discusses grandparents’ joys and hobbies. Both highlight the human aspect behind industry roles.

The Mantra for Positive Influence

David’s personal mantra revolves around helping others be their best. The “Pandemic of Positivity” initiative is his brainchild. It aims to encourage and uplift people.

Finding Balance in Help and Independence

The challenge lies in providing support without overwhelming. Finding the right balance is crucial. It allows individuals to thrive independently.

Financial Prudence in Business

David stresses the importance of a disciplined approach to managing cash. He emphasizes the impact of variable versus fixed expenses. Companies must look at all costs when financial challenges arise.

Facing Challenges with Creativity

Difficult times can often be a catalyst for creativity. David finds excitement in challenges. He believes they foster inclusivity and innovative thinking.

Continuous Improvement and the Competitive Spirit

The conversation concludes on a high note. Continuous improvement and competitive drive remain at the forefront. David credits his consistent state of alertness for his high-level performance.

Closing Thoughts

This episode of the Parts Girl Podcast showcases a blend of personal stories and professional wisdom from David Long. Kaylee Felio and David unpack layers of leadership, accountability, and the thirst for improvement. Their discussion serves as a blueprint for those looking to elevate their game in every facet of life.



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  1. Immense discipline is the bedrock of success.
  2. Effective communication is the cornerstone of leadership.
  3. Balance between guidance and allowing room for growth is critical.


“I find that the more I pour into people, the more blessed I am.” –David Long


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