Dealers Can’t Keep These New Cars Stocked as Market Madness Rages On

by Gabrielle DeSantis

I’m sure you’ve heard the story by now. Possibly from me. The market for new cars is absurd right now. The pandemic and the (likely temporary) easing of restrictions means that buyers who were sat at home over the last year finally have the excuse they need for some new metal in the driveway. Moreover, the pandemic sent a cataclysmic ripple through the supply chain, hitting everything from electronics to the auto market. As a result, supply is tight and demand is high. Obviously, that equals scarcity. However, these models are selling far faster than others.

Hyundai can’t keep the Tucson Hybrid in stock

Hyundai has reinvented itself in the last several years, and it shows | Hyundai

Per a recent study by iSeeCars, the Hyundai Tucson Hybrid managed to beak into the top three fastest-selling new cars last month. Moreover, the Tucson Hybrid has stayed at the top of iSeeCars’ charts for a while, so it’s clearly one of the faster-selling new cars. Last month, it was in the top three, but not by much. The study measures this based on how many days on average the vehicle stayed on dealer lots. For the Tucson, just eleven.

Frankly, that’s almost lightning fast. It would probably outpace the Ford Bronco if Ford could build them fast enough. And credit where it’s due, the Tucson Hybrid is a solid ride. The brand put a lot of effort into rebuilding its image, and the Tucson is a reflection of that, with fresh new styling and a great interior to match. Moreover, it slots nicely into that family car segment, but not as well as the 4Runner.

The Toyota 4Runner sells like it’s one of the best new cars

A white Toyota 4Runner at its launch at the Chicago Auto Show
Toyota’s 4Runner sells predictably well | Scott Olson via Getty Images

Right now, Toyota’s 4Runner is at the top of the SUV market. Surprising, given the Kia Telluride’s recent hype. Personally, I’m partial to the ‘Runner as far as new cars go, and it seems the market feels the same way. To be fair, it isn’t just demand for the fantastic 4(Runner) that’s driving sales. Toyota was hit hard by the semiconductor shortage, so models that are available are selling fast. As in an average of ten days on a dealer lot fast.

Of course, the Toyota 4Runner is there because it’s a fantastic SUV. Sure, the seats may kill my back, but that’s because I don’t need a lot of lumbar support, which these have. The 4Runner has some nice creature comforts, including the best heated seats I’ve ever used, but buyers are all there for one thing. Off-roading is king of leisure activities right now, and the 4Runner is one of the best vehicles to do that in. It’s all mass-appeal and no drawbacks.

The Chevy Corvette was the fastest selling car in July

A red Chevy Corvette rolls down the street at night in Las Vegas
Chevy’s new ‘Vette can’t stay on dealer lots | Chevy

Strangely, July’s best-selling new car is the polar opposite of the ‘Runner. It’s low, loud, and proud. Chevy managed to turn the Corvette from an icon of baby boomer wealth to a serious Euro-inspired sports car in a few short years, and demand reflects that. The wealthy have more money than ever, and the new C8 Corvette speaks to that, staying on dealer lots for an average of only seven days. I’ll let you guess which one I’d have.

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