Destructive YouTuber Fails to Kill the Most Reliable Truck Ever

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Toyota is known for its reliability. More than Toyota overall, the Toyota Hilux has long been seen as the most reliable truck of all time. YouTuber WhistlinDiesel has been foolishly hard at work ripping off Top Gear and trying to kill this rad Hilux. So far, the legendary unkillable Toyota Hilux has remained this internet person. 

Toyota Hilux | WhistlinDiesel Via Youtube

The Toyota Hilux is still the GOAT

The WhistlinDiesle channel is known for thrashing vehicles. His millions of subscribers have come to expect full-blown carnage from the YouTuber. That carnage has continued with the automotive onslaught of a tear-jerking attempt to kill a beautiful imported diesel Toyota Hilux. Even if you are familiar with the YouTube guy’s wastefulness, this one hurts to watch. 

According to The Drive, the YouTube person announced his purchase of a beautiful imported Hilux and quickly made his intentions known that he wanted to try and destroy it – for some reason.

Is the Toyota Hilux the most reliable pickup truck ever? 

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The Toyota hilux has been heralded as one of the most reliable and more specifically indestructible trucks ever built for a long time. Of course, after Top Gear did their legendary episode where Richard Hammond tries to kill a Hilux, the little Japanese pickup was fully exposed as the GOAT. 

Since then, people have copied their antics over and over again. That is all good and well until people destroy perfectly good and desirable cars for internet lemmings. The pointless destruction of this very cool truck starts with the YouTuber deciding to slam the doors as hard as he can 1,000 times. As if it proves something, the YouTube person slammed the door a handful of times, and the door handle broke. 

How do you break the most reliable truck?

Toyota Hilux import with a bed full of cinderblocks
Toyota Hilux | WhistlinDiesel Via Youtube

The next in a long series of pointless tests is slamming the tailgate down an absurd amount of time. He then hits the trails with the Hilux. This would have been the first bit of useful information, but that is not what WhistlinDiesel is all about. 

He charges the trails so hard and fast that it looks more like a cartoon than a real 4×4 video. The little Hilux is bouncing around like a toy truck. After thrashing it on the trails, he took it straight to the hardware store, where he loads it down with an abusive 2,500 lbs of cinder blocks. 

He slammed gears to get the Toyota Hilux to pop wheelies, took it off-road, and even smashed the rear suspension with the forklift. The “tests” get increasingly absurd and destructive. He then decided to take the most reliable pickup truck of all time off-road with the 2,500-lb load of cinder blocks. 

The results are another goofy series of off-road clips of the truck slamming and bouncing around as the back half shudders under the weight. However, the truck makes it out. The torture continues on and on in a similar fashion. Although the Toyota Hilux is maimed, he fails to kill the tough little Toyota in this video. 

…But Top Gear did it

This video is a bit more outrageous than when Top Gear did it. For one thing, this video is unnecessary as it’s just repeated content that already exists. It’s just a rip of the original. Secondly, when Hammond tried to kill his Hilux, they didn’t use such a well-optioned and nice condition truck. The Top Gear Hilux was already a beater. This one here is a really nice truck that should be used. Attempting to destroy this truck is nothing more than wasteful and silly. 

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