Discover How eFuel Can Save Combustion Engines from Extinction

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eFuel, which promises to breathe new life into combustion engines. Automakers are taking a hard look at carbon neutral e-fuel to extend the life of the internal combustion and diesel engines for sports cars, SUVs, and pickups. Synthetic fuels are the only way to decarbonize internal combustion engines; critics say that it is a costly distraction from electrification.

What are e-fuels or synthetic fuels? E-fuel combines carbon dioxide taken from the air, (or captured from carbon producing systems, like a refinery) and hydrogen obtained from water by electrolysis. The lure of e-fuel is that, with no modifications to the engine, gasoline injectors, different elements, or emissions methods, it allows an inside combustion automobile to run almost as cleanly as an EV.

Automakers say the e-fuel works in all their engines. The latest research by the Worldwide Council on Clear Transportation says Shell, Exxon, Aramco, and several other smaller refiners have been creating e-fuels and testing them daily for years. Automakers say that e-fuel is a direct, drop-in alternative for gasoline. Utilizing e-fuel in a gasoline or diesel vehicle is a smart option because it eliminates almost all the dangerous emissions.

E-fuels are not yet produced at scale. The world's first commercial plant opened in Chile in 2021, backed by Porsche and aiming to produce 550 million liters per year. Other planned plants include Norway's Norsk e-Fuel, due to begin producing in 2024 with a focus on aviation fuel.

We shall see what consumer want to buy and their choices will improve over time . I’m waiting on e-fuel for my vehicles, how about you?

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