Dodge Durango Recall: Airbags Could Deploy Wrong in 2020-2021 SUVs

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Airbags are some of the most frustrating features of a vehicle. They’re designed to save lives, and when they work properly, they do an excellent job of it. There are many individuals who have been hurt by deploying airbags, however, and the Takata airbags keep getting recalled. Just when it seems like things are calming down, Dodge announced there will be a recall on the 2020 and 2021 Dodge Durango due to loose or missing parts.  

A few loose parts really do matter for the Dodge Durango

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook a few loose parts here and there. Things like a wobbly table may be annoying, but it’s not life-threatening. When it comes to vehicles, however, a loose or missing part can end up getting someone killed.

Dodge is the latest automaker to face this problem. According to Car Complaints, “Missing or loose parts on 2020-2021 Dodge Durangos have caused a recall of more than 3,000 SUVs, with 2,721 of those recalled in the U.S. and about 290 SUVs recalled in Canada.”

It all has to do with the side airbag curtain fasteners. It appears that some parts may be loose, or missing altogether. This isn’t due to a defect, but rather a mistake during assembly.

Dodge first learned that this might be an issue in December 2020. A 2021 Durango was brought in for service because the owner kept hearing a rattling noise that couldn’t be identified. That’s when Dodge found the missing pieces. 

Technicians were quick to discover that the C-pillar side curtain airbag fastener wasn’t where it should be. When it was reported, Chrysler decided to open an investigation instead of trying to cover it up. The investigation proved this was not a case of one bad vehicle, and that there are thousands of vehicles that may be impacted. 

According to Car Complaints, “The suspect period began on March 1, 2020, when the side curtain airbag C-pillar fasteners were first incorrectly torqued during production, through February 15, 2021, when torque operations were fixed.”

Dodge has a plan for these recalls

So far, there have been no reported accidents caused by the loose or missing parts. Dodge isn’t letting this lull it into inaction, however. Rather than ignoring the problem, Dodge has come up with a plan to fix the affected Dodge Durangos. 

The plan is simple. Dodge will issue a recall, alerting owners that their Durango needs to be brought in for repairs. Technicians will then inspect the Durango to see if there are any issues. If it is missing parts, they will be replaced. Loose parts will be tightened up. It’s a simple fix, but one that is very much necessary.

Let the Dodge Durango recall begin

Up to this point, there haven’t been many reports from owners. There have been a total of seven warranty claims, and two field reports. That’s not bad, but there’s no way to know if your Durango is on the list until you actually take it in for an inspection. With that being said, it’s important not to ignore the notice if you receive one.

The recall is expected to begin officially on June 11, 2021. Dodge will most likely begin notifying owners on this date, so they can come to a local dealership and get this repaired.

If you own a 2020 or 2021 Dodge Durango and don’t want to wait to be notified, you can take action now. Just call Chrysler at 800-853-1403 and refer to recall reference number Y16.

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