EarthCruiser Exclusive: Extreme Demand for the New EC Terranova Truck Camper

by Gabrielle DeSantis

The EarthCruiser overland vehicle is a unique, marine-grade 4×4 camper that can go pretty much anywhere on earth. But the EC team decided to branch out with an all-new EC Terranova truck camper, in order to give the overland community what it’s been asking for. In a recent interview with Mary Balk, the Marketing Manager for the EarthCruiser company, we discuss the high demand for this exciting new product.

EC Terranova overland RV | EarthCruiser

Founders Lance and Michelle dreamed up the EarthCruiser line in 2009 in Australia, then moved it all over to Bend, Oregon. The overlanding company produces heavy-duty overland campers. The EXP, the Dual-Cab, and the FX overland RV camper models paved the way for the all-new EC Terranova truck camper.

The new EC Terranova truck camper is an adventurer’s 4×4 chalet

Mary shares the same passion for the company’s mission to facilitate extreme overland adventure that I’ve experienced with every member of the EarthCruiser team that I’ve met so far. In fact, EarthCruiser formed a community of passionate adventurers over the years. With the all-new EC Terranova truck, the EarthCruiser family continues to create high-quality overlanding vehicles that will virtually last a lifetime.

The whole team is in love with the EC products. There’s something special about that notion. Then again, it’s hard not to love the EarthCruiser line––especially its newcomer, the EC Terranova.

The company maintains a relationship with current EarthCruiser owners. Learning from the thousands of overland miles the crew themselves have traversed, in combination with the community feedback, informed the careful attention to detail in both the creative and engineering process of the new EC Terranova truck camper.

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Each EC Terranova is made of the most durable, high-quality materials. In fact, Mary informed me that the company locally sources as many materials as possible. In addition, every square inch is handcrafted with upscale materials that are built to last––like marine-grade yacht material on the exterior shell.

There’s a clever pass-through opening from the living space to the cab. Plus, if keen to do so, a grown man over six feet tall can sit up in the bed without bumping his head. So each painstaking detail, trial, error, and re-trial breathed life into this one-of-a-kind overlanding pickup truck camper. The recently revealed demo model embodies the seamless marriage between rugged bush exploration and practical, modern luxury.

Space for a reservation is limited

an inviting bed in EarthCruiser's new picturesque 4x4 overland chalet interior
EC Terranova truck camper | EarthCruiser

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Reservations for the EC Terranova truck camper are live on EarthCruiser’s website. However, when something is made this well, reservations are limited. That’s due to the amount of time and effort that go into the craftsmanship of each model. Accord to Mary, the team planned to offer 10 reservations for this 4×4 overlanding chalet.

So if you want one from the first production wave, you better reserve one now. We discussed the high demand for this unique RV in our interview. In fact, the EC team plans to open more spots in order to accommodate this generous spike in demand. As of this writing, it’s unclear how many new reservations EarthCruiser will honor.

Last year, I spoke with EC’s Engineering Department head Austin Steimer and General Manager Chad Knight. They called this pickup truck RV a “Sprinter Van Killer.” And let me tell you––I’m convinced. However, the EC Terranova isn’t mass produced like the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van; I like to think of EarthCruiser as an overland RV boutique.

Ford, Ram, or GM pickup truck chassis

the new EC Terranova truck camper RV for overland adventure
EC Terranova | EarthCruiser

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Part of the plan to scale up production relies on the fact that buyers have options when it comes to which truck chassis they choose for the Terranova build. If you buy an EC Terranova, you first pick out the truck chassis that’s right for you.

The camper chassis is mounted to the vehicle chassis with EarthCruisers proprietary kinetic mount system and with the same no lock or latch foam insulated raising-roof found on our over-cab EarthCruisers.


The fresh demo is on a 4×4 Ford F-250 chassis. That said, the EC Terranova can use any heavy-duty pickup truck chassis––RAM, Ford, Chevy, or GMC. In addition, it can come in any trim level.

Moreover, it’s all built over EarthCruiser’s proprietary kinetic mount system. Even the cabin experience has decadent potential, considering the rate at which big trucks like the Ford F-250 or Ram 2500 are evolving in terms of comfort and luxury appointments. Imagine skiing all day and then climbing into the leather-clad interior to warm your chilly hands on the heated steering wheel. Living the dream.

In other words, buyer’s choice also gives the company an edge. Furthermore, there’s a supply chain issue. Pickup truck shortages are looming on the horizon. This business model also gives EarthCruiser more flexibility.

How much is the EC Terranova truck camper?

go between a dining are/workspace/bedroom in the efficient design of this all-new overland camper
EC Terranova truck camper | EarthCruiser

In our interview, Mary made it clear that the company strives to give overland RV camper buyers a chance to own the best of the best. A 4×4 overland chalet awaits, and the price reflects the quality.

According to the EarthCruiser website, the all-new EC Terranova truck camper starts at $289,000. Unsurprisingly, existing EarthCruiser overland vehicles hold their value well. We expect the EC Terranova overland RV to do the same. In fact, Mary says that their vehicles’ ability to hold about 80% of their original value is a “testament to quality.”

Above all, when corners aren’t cut and things are thought through and executed with precision, the finished product is just better. In fact, Mary told me with confidence that “no corners are cut in building this vehicle.” Her sense of pride contagious, even over the phone.

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