EPA’s Bold Move: Banning Gas Vehicles and You Pay More!

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Here we go again - the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced a bold move that could have a big impact on your wallet. Starting in 2020, the EPA plans to ban gas vehicles from US roads.

Get ready for some shocking news - the EPA has made a bold move by banning gas vehicles, and it's going to cost you more! In this video, we'll break down exactly what this means for you and your wallet. As electric vehicles become more popular, the cost to produce the batteries required to power them is rising.

This means that the cost of EVs is also on the rise, and the ban on gas vehicles will only worsen the situation. Additionally, gas-powered cars are much cheaper to produce and maintain than their electric counterparts, meaning the ban could have a significant impact on the auto industry as a whole. Tune in to learn more about the EPA's bold move is making the decision to ban gas vehicles and how it could impact you. It will cost you more.

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00:00 #EPA's Bold Move: #Banning #Gas #cars and You Pay More!
00:15 Nationwide ban of gas cars
00:40 17 States follow California
01:45 Making EVs only
02:20 100% EV by 2035
03:17 Not enough power
03:47 proof CA is in trouble
04:30 Higher electric bills
05:10 New laws
05:55 Are you fired up?

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced a bold move that could have a big impact on your wallet. Starting in 2020, the EPA plans to ban gas vehicles from US roads.

This decision comes as a response to concerns about the effects of gases like carbon dioxide on the environment. If you own a gas car, you might have to start thinking about alternate transportation options.

The EPA has released a fact sheet outlining the impact of this decision. In short, you'll pay more at the pump. Depending on the fuel your car uses, the cost of gasoline could go up by as much as 50%.