Filson Released a New Line of Motorcycle Apparel and It Doesn’t Disappoint

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Filson is one of America’s oldest clothiers. If you know anything about the history and vibe of Filson, you know there is an emphasis on heavy-duty workwear covering a large swath of occupational categories. So, Filson coming out with a line of motorcycle apparel and accessories really makes pretty good sense. 

Filson Motorcycle apparel | Filson

The Filson motorcycle helmet is the coolest

Filson has built its name on a platform of waxed canvas, oiled tin cloth, and other such early American industrial materials. It is a logical step for Filson to make. 

Filson X Bell helmet collaboration
Filson X Bell MX-9 | Filson

Motorcycle apparel is all about function over form because the function is literally life-saving. However, Filson seems to have cracked the code on designing a line of motorcycle apparel that looks great and is safe and functional. This new line of moto gear is called the Alcan collection. 

Filson X Bell collab is the coolest item of the Alcan collection

Filson X Bell helmet collaboration
Filson X Bell MX-9 | Filson

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According to Gear Patrol, Filson and Bell teamed up to design the Filson branded Bell MX-9 moto helmet. It looks exactly like what one may expect from a Filson motorcycle helmet; old school, stylish, and brown. 

The MX-9 Adventure is a dual-sport style helmet, which basically mixes the pointed beak of dirt bike helmets with the rounded shape of road bike helmets. The result is a hybrid road-warrior helmet that looks as sleek as it does tough. 

Bell needs no introduction. It is a no-brainer for a company as old as Filson to collaborate with one of the oldest helmet makers in the game. Bell has been an industry leader in helmets since 1954, when Roy Richter built his first helmet for himself. 

According to Bell, these early helmets were used specifically in the Hot-rad racing scene out west. In 1955 Bell saw its first product on the main stage with an appearance in the Indianapolis 500. 

The Filson MX-9 still uses all the safety tech goodness that keeps Moto GP racers safe today, with just a touch of flair from the fine folks at Filson. 

You know Filson had to make a jacket, gloves, bags, etc

Filson oil cloth pack
Filson Oil Cloth pack | Filson

The Alcan collection is more than just a Filson branded helmet. Filson is a clothing maker, after all. So when they announced the motorcycle apparel collection, the first thought should be waxed canvas. 

The Alcan Canvas Cruiser is Filson through and through. Waxed canvas is the Filson way. It is a material that has been popular amongst outdoors people for ages. This stuff is heavy, tough, and waterproof; pretty much everything needed in a good motorcycle jacket. 

The Alcan Tin Cloth Tool Backpack is the next logical step. This pack is meant to carry motoring essentials like tools, water, and spare clothes. Having these items on your bike can be a life-saving step.

Filson has designed a very on-brand pack to assist in carrying these items safely and practically and looking fly while doing so. 

The Alcan collection has a few more muted pieces like black-on-black gloves, a vest, a light jacket, pants, and a small tool roll. Overall the Filson motorcycle apparel collection is a simple and hearty collection of clothing and accessories that embody the rugged spirit of Filson and motorcycling with the refined touch of the fashion world. 

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