GM Energy Ultium two-way charging will debut with the 2023 Chevrolet Sivlerado EV

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Your EV Works Like a Generator
If the power goes out, you can use energy stored in your EV’s batteries to backup your home. The all new Silverado EV can help keep the lights on for up to 21 days.*

Upgrade Your Energy
Imagine being able to help safeguard your home against blackouts or unlock the potential to use energy more efficiently and help lower your electric bill. Explore how Ultium Home’s suite of innovative products can change what’s possible with home energy.

Seamless Two-Way Charging
With two-way-charging, Ultium Home makes it easy to charge your EV, and if the power goes out, seamlessly sends energy from your vehicle back to your house. All you need is the PowerShift Charger and Enablement Kit.

Made to do much more than power up your EV, Ultium two-way charging is a new way to look at energy overall. Integrated, inspired design lets power flow easily between your vehicle and your home—creating a smart new source of energy you can rely on.