Heavy-Handed: Get a Load of the GMC Hummer’s Weight

by Gabrielle DeSantis

We don’t mean to be critical of the GMC Hummer EV. It looks great and is full of tons of features that make it intriguing. Oops, maybe we shouldn’t have said “tons.” You see, that’s the problem with the GMC Hummer

Yes, the GMC Hummer has a curb weight of 9,046 lbs!

2022 GMC Hummer | GM

Have you looked at the specs for the GMC Hummer? This thing has a curb weight of 9,046 lbs. That’s like almost one and one-half Ford F-150 Lightning EVs. This is supposed to be a “light-duty truck.” We think GM didn’t get the complete segment description and missed the “light” part. 

The last Hummer vying the highways and dirt roads was 4,883 lbs. And we thought that was crazy-fat back in 2005 when it was first introduced. That’s 2.44 tons. The GMC Hummer is 4.5 tons. Almost twice its predecessor’s weight. 

And we all know why these EVs are heavy-duty heavy; those batteries. They weigh a ton-well not literally, but they’re heavy. They’re mostly made of lead. That big battery also equates to a more expensive vehicle. 

Yes, the price of a GMC Hummer starts at $105,595!

2022 GMC Hummer
2022 GMC Hummer | GM

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Have you seen the estimated price of the GMC Hummer EV? It hit home when this week Ford announced that its F-150 Lightning EV pickup would cost a hair under $40,000. That is in comparison to Hummer’s $105,595 base price. 

Yeah, we get that everything about the GMC Hummer is big. But when that applies to the weight and price we look at those as being minuses, not pluses. What happens when one of these plows into a Mini or Bolt? On second thought we don’t want to know. 

And how much more likely is it to sink into loose gravel or sand with almost 10,000 lbs to support it? Since this is being touted as an off-road-capable truck, is it off-road-capable at this weight? At first glance, we were impressed with the 1,000 hp figures in the stats. But now we wonder if all of that grunt is just to make sure this thing gets out of its way? 

The GMC Hummer weighs enough to be classified as a Class 3 medium-duty truck

2022 GMC Hummer kicking up sand at the dunes
2022 GMC Hummer | GM

With an estimated 10,400 lbs GVWR it is not a light-duty pickup but is, instead, a Class 3 medium-duty truck. At least as defined by the US Department of Transportation. That translates to a Silverado/Sierra 3500, Ram 3500, or Ford F-350. 

We guess that buyers can reconcile the weight, or else won’t be aware. But what is the environmental advantage of an electric medium-duty pickup that weighs over 9,000 lbs? 

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