Honda Pilot Drivers Can Comfortably and Affordably Carry 7 Other Passengers

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Three-row SUVs are a smart choice for large families with lots of gear. The segment is filled with worthy contenders, but the Honda Pilot can seat eight at an affordable price. This midsize SUV offers enough room to carry the driver and seven passengers comfortably. In fact, third-row comfort may be where the Honda Pilot shines brightest.

The 2021 Honda Pilot is among the best eight-passenger SUVs

The auto reviewers at U.S. News recently weighed in on SUVs that seat eight. For anyone interested in an SUV that provides ample storage and seating, this list features the best vehicles for the task. The team evaluated 48 areas before making the final roster determinations. 

Each contender offers something different, and some SUVs excel in certain areas better than others. But the overall agreement is that the 2021 Honda Pilot deserves a spot toward the top of the list. It stands out in a few key areas, including third-row comfort.

A comfortable fit at an affordable price

Coming in with a score of 8.4 out of a 10, the 2021 Honda Pilot is an overachiever among eight-seat SUVs. Interior quality is a significant perk — the Pilot offers roomy, comfortable seats. It also boasts 15 cupholders in case anyone wants to double up on beverages. 

The Pilot feels plush and quasi-upscale with its high-quality interior materials. Plus, it’s loaded with driver aids and tech, making it appealing to anyone in the driver’s seat. Even more encouraging is the price. The 2021 Honda Pilot is one of the more affordable eight-seaters, starting at only $32,250.

Have you seen the 2021 Honda Pilot yet?

If you haven’t seen the 2021 Honda Pilot yet, you should. You can choose among several trim levels, including LX, EX, EX-L, SE, Touring, Elite, and stylish Black Edition, Edmunds shows. Most Pilot models offer eight-passenger seating. However, you can opt for the second-row captain’s chairs if you don’t need third-row seating.

U.S. News says the Honda Pilot is a top-ranked SUV offering supreme comfort and adult-friendly seating, even in the third row. The team also points out that the Pilot offers above-average cargo capacity, with 18.5 cubic feet beyond the third row, 55.9 cubic feet behind the second row, and 109.2 behind the first row in the most spacious model. Hauling people and things doesn’t get more convenient and comfortable than that.

Overall, the 2021 Honda Pilot offers plenty of value. And for anyone who needs to seat eight people at a reasonable price, you likely won’t find a more comfortable SUV.

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