How Much Stuff Can You Fit Into a 2021 Toyota Supra?

by Gabrielle DeSantis

The 2021 Toyota Supra is a fantastic sports car that’s quick in a straight line and agile around the corners. When buying one, you’ll have a choice between three different trim levels and two different turbocharged engines. It’s not all about performance, though, as the Supra also has a lot of tech-savvy features on hand, in addition to a good amount of storage space. But just how much stuff can you fit into a 2021 Supra?

The Supra has more cargo volume than a Toyota 86

2021 Toyota Supra | Joe Santos

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Sports cars, in general, have never been known for their practicality. In fact, if you buy a sports car, then you’re probably well aware that you would be lucky to fit a carry-on suitcase in it. However, the 2021 Supra is a little more forgiving in that department.

According to Toyota, the Supra has measures at 10.2 cubic-feet of cargo capacity, which doesn’t sound like much, but it’s actually larger than you would expect. Part of the reason is that the Supra has a hatchback shape that makes the rear storage a little more accommodating for larger, and even longer items. Since there is no backseat or formal trunk in the Supra, the stuff that you put in it can extend into the cabin area.

By contrast, the other sports car in Toyota’s lineup, the 86, only has 6.9 cubic feet of cargo volume in its trunk. But it does have a backseat to fit other stuff as well.

a shot of a 2021 Toyota Supra's cargo area
2021 Toyota Supra | Joe Santos

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What can you fit into a Supra?

a picture of the door pocket in the 2021 Toyota Supra
2021 Toyota Supra | Joe Santos

In some cases, more than you would expect. There are storage pockets in each door that are large enough to fit a cell phone or other small items and there’s a small cargo net in the passenger footwell for even more small items. As you would expect, you can store some stuff in the glove compartment as well and there’s even some room behind the seats for random items like jackets and whatever other pliable objects you can sneakily lay back there.

But can you fit an office chair in a Supra?

The bottom half of the office chair inside the 2021 Toyota Supra
The bottom half of the office chair inside the 2021 Toyota Supra | Joe Santos

Actually, you can! I recently purchased a swanky office chair from a private buyer and only had the Supra to transport it in. It seemed like an exercise in futility when trying to cram a semi-bulky office chair into its tiny cargo area, so I had to get a little creative. Fortunately, the chair came apart into two pieces.

I was able to narrowly fit the base of the office chair – wheels and all – into the cargo area with the rear glass barely touching when I closed the hatch. The top half of the chair rode shotgun with me and the rest of the equipment made its home on the floor. Admittedly, it wasn’t exactly the most amazing feat to pull off, but it was impressive nonetheless.

Just as an additional note, you can actually fit up to two carry-on suitcases in the back of Supra or a set of golf clubs, but not both. While the Supra isn’t exactly built to carry a lot of stuff, it can sure hold its own, in more ways than one.

The top half of an office chair in the front seat of the Supra
2021 Toyota Supra | Joe Santos

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