How to Use the Autolamp Feature in the Ford Ranger

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Are you on the hunt for a highly capable midsize pickup truck? The Ford Ranger is an outstanding choice. It boasts plenty of power to get the job done. It can haul a heavy load and more than hold its own on the towing front. The Ranger can also head off the beaten path with ease. Additionally, the Ranger comes equipped with driving assistance features for a safer and more convenient ride. This includes the autolamp feature, or automatic headlamps. To learn how to use automatic headlamps, read more.

Ford Ranger autolamp instructions

Ford Ranger | Ford

To activate the autolamp feature, look for the headlamp control dial and locate the “A” icon with a circle around it. Move the dial to ensure that the “A” icon is selected. When the icon is selected, the automatic headlamps will automatically turn on when natural light from the outside decreases or if ambient light levels are low. Also, if the Ranger has windshield wiper-activated headlamps, the headlamps will turn on automatically anytime that the wipers are in use. 

In addition to turning on when the need arises, the headlamps will stay on for a brief time after you switch off the ignition of the Ranger. With the automatic headlamp delay function, you can modify the time they stay off after turning off the truck. To do this, locate the five-way control buttons on the steering wheel. First, press the left arrow button. From there, a list will appear on a screen. Select Settings, then Lighting, then Vehicle, then Autolamp Delay. You can then select Off or various time intervals, including 10, 20, or 120 seconds. 

How to modify the interior brightness level of the Ford Ranger 

Red 2021 Ford Ranger driving on a muddy road
2021 Ford Ranger | Ford

The Ford Ranger enables you to modify the brightness levels of the dome light and the instrument lights. To increase the brightness level, press the plus button next to the headlamp dial control dial. To decrease the brightness level, press the minus button. 

What are some of the other driving assistance features in the Ford Ranger?

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In addition to autolamp, the Ford Ranger offers many other driving assistance features. With the auto high-beam headlamps, you don’t have to worry about driving on a dark road at night and keep turning on and off your high-beam headlights every time you see an oncoming car. Stay safely in your lane with the lane-keeping system. Changing lanes is easy with the blind spot information system, which also provides coverage when towing a trailer. Also, you can safely and confidently back up the Ranger with its rearview camera. 

When you go on long drives, it’s more comfortable not to always have your foot on the gas pedal. This is a convenient and safe endeavor with the adaptive cruise control in the Ford Ranger. It enables you to select a cruising distance and speed behind other vehicles. If the car ahead of you slows down, the Ranger will automatically slow down as needed. For additional safety, the adaptive cruise control works in conjunction with the forward collision warning with brake support features. These features are activated when an imminent collision is detected.

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