Ignoring Reality Maybach Adds Length, V12 Power, and Calf Massage

by Gabrielle DeSantis

The big, bold, and burly 2021 Mercedes Maybach flagship is bucking convention, carbon footprints, and trends, by offering everything including the kitchen sink. It’s now longer, with V12 power, and just for grins it even has a calf massager. And no, we’re not kidding. C’mon, it’s a Maybach.

Called the Maybach S-Class it is Mercedes’ flagship sedan meant to rival Rolls-Royce

Mercedes Maybach S-Class | MB

Officially called the Maybach S-Class, it is available now only in Europe. First off, it is seven inches longer than your standard S-Class LWB. All of that extra length is found in the rear passenger area. Externally, you can tell it’s the top-of-the-line by the vertical chrome strips in the grille, chrome trim on the hood, fixed quarter lights in the C-pillars, and new wheels. 

For a real exclusive look, you can opt for the two-tone that breaks at the beltline. Visually, it adds length, plus exclusivity. It is applied by hand and adds an extra week to the time it takes to assemble the Maybach. 

The 2021 Maybach’s interior looks like something from the disco era

Mercedes Maybach S-Class interior
Mercedes Maybach S-Class | MB

Inside, it is all-new for 2021. Besides the calf massager, there is all of that 1980s disco blue edge lighting. Or should it be called “edgy lighting?” Yikes! It may be exaggerated in the Mercedes-supplied images. If not, then you’ll need sunglasses morning, noon, and night, inside this thing. 

Other 2021 Maybach interior features new this year are the electrically operating rear doors, front seat backrests, “high quality” wood surrounds, active noise cancellation, and that lighting which is said to be adaptive. 

Yes it’s true, the 2021 Maybach has a calf massage function

Mercedes Maybach S-Class V12
Mercedes Maybach S-Class | MB

Now, about the calf massage function. It is integrated into the calf rests for the executive seats in the rear only. While you’re having your calves massaged, you can check out the chilled champagne found in the fridge that holds up to 10 liters. For your champagne, Mercedes provides a set of silver-plated champagne flutes as an option. No, we’re not kidding. 

To help separate the Maybach from the standard S-Class the rear wheel arches have been redesigned with an added cavity. The cavity allows Mercedes to add extra sound-deadening material for that extra hush ride. Adding to that is thicker laminated glass, noise-optimized tires with foam absorbers added, and that noise cancellation system. 

As stated earlier, with the 2021 Maybach you get your choice of either the S580 4Matic powered by a 4.0-liter V8 or the S680 4Matic with that 6.0-liter V12. With the V8 you get 496 hp and stepping up to the V12 gets you 603 hp. If you opt for the V12 it is only available with all-wheel-drive; a first for Mercedes. 

There is no word on if or when this ne-plus-ultra Maybach will be available in the US. For Europe, it will be in showrooms fairly soon. 

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