Indestructible Toyota Hilux Manages to Tow 30,000 LB With a Gooseneck Trailer

by Gabrielle DeSantis

If you’re a fan of Top Gear, chances are you’ve seen their series attempting to destroy a Toyota Hilux. This involved crashing it repeatedly, drowning it, and even parking it on top of a building before its demolition. After all these tests, the truck managed to start, proving that some of these old Toyota trucks are truly built to last forever.

However, a YouTuber named WhistlinDiesel has taken it upon himself to recreate that well-known series with his own series of entertaining destruction videos. In the latest update, the YouTuber gave this truck a 30,000-lb challenge. You can likely guess what happened next.

Is the Toyota Hilux truly indestructible?

Since we’re talking about what is essentially one of the most entertaining and destructive YouTubers on the platform, let’s quickly go over the first episode of this Toyota Hilux destruction series. For starters, WhistlinDiesel opted to purchase and destroy a truck that was seemingly in mint condition. The goal here was to give the Hilux the best fighting chance against the various torture tests.

The first major challenge involved tackling some off-roading trails at high speed, causing the truck to jump around violently. To up the ante, WhistlinDiesel loaded up the truck’s bed with cement blocks. Despite the extra weight, the truck managed to tackle the off-road trails without issue and even land a couple of major jumps.

To close off this first video, WhistlinDiesel even attempts to crash the Toyota Hilux into a tree, causing little to no damage in the process. Up to this point, at least, the legend of the Hilux appears to be quite accurate. However, this was just the beginning.

Watch this small truck tow 30,000 lb

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To kick off the second video in this Toyota Hilux destruction series, WhistlinDiesel decides to start the video by rolling the small truck over. As you’d expect, this stunt caused major structural damage and destroyed the front windshield. Regardless, the mighty Hilux carries on.

Despite its mangled structure, WhistlinDiesel then decides to hook up a massive gooseneck trailer to the back of the Hilux. From there, he proceeds to load up his 12,100-lb John Deere skid loader and 8,400-lb Ford F-450 says The Drive. When it was all set and done, the small truck was left to tow around 30,000. As The Drive points out, a brand-new Toyota Tundra has a maximum towing capacity of 10,200 lb.

Regardless of the task, the mangled Toyota Hilux managed to pull the trailer and its load uphill without any major issues. In fact, the YouTuber was able to switch between a few gears while going uphill. If that doesn’t show how robust this old Toyota truck is, nothing will.

The Toyota Hilux manages to carry on

Toyota Hilux | WhistlinDiesel via YouTube

While this Toyota Hilux towing stunt is already impressive enough, its aftermath was perhaps the most shocking part of all. That’s because even this mangled Toyota Hilux managed to complete the challenge without any major failures. This means that the truck’s suspension and powertrain didn’t give up in the slightest. In fact, WhistlinDiesel shows that the truck can still drive normally after the fact.

Since this truck has made it this far, chances are it likely won’t survive whatever one of YouTube’s most destructive creators will come up with next.

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