Jaguar F-Type Smacks Into Nissan GT-R and Chevy Silverado After Falling From a Trailer

by Gabrielle DeSantis

If you’re a car transporter, damaging a Jaguar F-Type is bound to result in a bad day at work and an embarrassing phone call to its owner. However, when that F-Type falls off of a trailer and smacks into a Chevy Silverado and a Nissan GT-R, you may want to cut your losses and go home.

That’s exactly what appears to happen in a cellphone video uploaded to the MrWolf YouTube channel. Dannyp1818 also posted the video on Instagram. As of writing, it is unclear where this video took place or if the one recording is the sports car’s owner. What we do know is that there’s plenty of destruction to go around.

Watch a Jaguar F-Type fall and smash into a Silverado and GT-R

Since there isn’t a ton of available information surrounding this Jaguar F-Type crash, we’ll have to go off the video. The first thing you’ll notice is that the video starts as the car is already falling off of the trailer. This leads us to believe that the person recording saw this accident coming and hastily attempted to record it.

Aside from the fact that the sports car falls and violently smacks the floor, another major detail surrounds this unfortunate event. That’s that there is no driver inside of the sports car when it falls from the trailer. If we had to guess, the car was likely in preparation to be unloaded when it was likely left in neutral accidentally by the transporter.

The Jaguar F-Type doesn’t just fall. It manages to roll backward and smash into a parked Chevy Silverado. From the looks of it, it appears to be a 2500HD model. This truck was likely recently unloaded to gain access to one of the other vehicles on the trailer.

The cherry on top is the fact that the Silverado then rolls back and smacks into a Nissan GT-R. Given the values of these cars, the driver’s insurance company won’t be happy.

Is this sports car totaled?

Jaguar F-Type Crash | Mr.Wolf via YouTube

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Since the Jaguar F-Type received the most damage, let’s start there. From the video itself, we see the car’s suspension bottom out as it hits the ground. If we had to guess, there could be some severe underbody damage. However, this likely wouldn’t total the car unless its structure was severely affected.

Next up is the Chevrolet Silverado. From the looks of it, this truck will likely need a new front and rear bumper. Since the F-Type didn’t smash into it with tremendous force, the damage likely isn’t severe.

The same likely can’t be said for the poor GT-R at the end. Given the truck’s height, the impact likely damaged both the car’s front bumper and hood. Since we can’t see it up close, we’ll have to guess. However, a repair likely won’t be cheap.

Will the insurance pay for this Jaguar F-Type?

An iamge of a Jaguar F-Type falling from a trailer and crashing into a pickup truck.
Jaguar F-Type Crash | Mr.Wolf via YouTube

Following this entire Jaguar F-Type crash, the question remains regarding who will pick up the bill for this incident. If the cars were transported by a reputable transport company, it likely has a solid insurance policy to cover the incident.

Since the crash occurred during transport, the owners are likely not on the hook for the accident. However, if one of the owners declined extra insurance, things could get quite messy.

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