Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer Victimized by Prank During Fox NASCAR Race Day Prerace Show at Dover

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer have consistently taken shots at each other both before and during the race broadcast throughout the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series season. On occasion, during the prerace show, Chris Myers gets in on the action. During Sunday’s broadcast from Dover, it was Myers and the Fox broadcast crew back in Charlotte that pulled off an inside job and hilariously pranked Gordon and Bowyer on live television. 

Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer competitive in broadcast booth

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After a 16-year NASCAR Cup Series career, Bowyer joined Jeff Gordon and Mike Joy full-time in the Fox broadcast booth for the 2021 season. From the start, the two former drivers have had natural chemistry.

A major component of that chemistry is competition. On an almost weekly basis, the conversation between the former competitors drifts into the number of victories at that weekend’s particular track. It’s never a fair fight as Gordon is a four-time Cup Series champion with 93 victories. Bowyer has a total of 10 Cup wins to his credit. 

Despite that lopsided advantage, Bowyer is always a good sport and never shies away from returning fire when given a chance. 

Chris Myers and Fox crew prank Gordon and Bowyer 

Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer work together at Fox Sports on NASCAR Coverage. | Courtesy of Fox Sports

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During NASCAR Race Day on FS1 before the race at Dover, Gordon and Bowyer stood with Chris Myers on the grid and discussed the different horsepower-downforce packages and the racing lines drivers will likely pursue at Dover. At the end of the segment, Fox pulled off an inside prank job, and Gordon and Bowyer had no idea what was happening.

It happened when Myers attempted to send the broadcast back to the Charlotte studios and asked “America’s Crew Chief” Larry McReynolds if they covered everything. His answer caught both Gordon and Bowyer by surprise. 

“No, not really, Chris,” McReynolds said, as both the drivers-turned-announcers reacted with puzzled responses. “Not being at the track, sometimes I can’t gather all the information I’m looking for. Have you guys had a chance to speak with Goodyear about right front air pressure and what they’re recommending to the teams and why?” 

Bowyer and Gordon obviously didn’t know the answer because they weren’t expecting the question. Both stood in silence, staring at the camera for a few awkward seconds before Myers intervened.

“I got this,” he said. “It’s probably 49 psi because of how much driving they do in the corners.”

“Chris, do you even know how to check the air in tires?” Bowyer asked. “Do you even know what PSI stands for?” Gordon added while the crew in the Charlotte studio laughed at the exchange. 

“Pounds per square inch,” Myers replied confidently.

“Woah!” Gordon said, acting surprised that Myers knew the answer.  

“Nice job, Chris, representing out at the track,” Shannon Spake said while clapping back in the studio. “Did you see Jeff and Clint’s faces?” she asked.

“They didn’t know what to think,” Jamie McMurray said while laughing at the success of the prank.

Chris Myers makes fun of Bowyer

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Myers pulling off the prank on both Gordon and Bowyer was a first, but the Fox Sports veteran isn’t new to taking shots at his fellow broadcasters individually like he did at Bowyer just a few weeks ago at Talladega. 

It also happened during a segment of NASCAR RaceDay, when the three visited on the grid and the two drivers revisited their fondest memories from Talladega. Gordon mentioned his sweep of both races in 2007 and how he won the fall race with a last-lap pass on teammate Jimmie Johnson. 

Bowyer took the conversation off track and talked about Talladega’s party atmosphere and Talladega Boulevard, known as the Party Capital of NASCAR. During Bowyer’s account, video showed him partying on stage with a microphone in his hand talking to the crowd. Kyle Larson stood beside him, and Jeff Gordon stood direclty behind. 

When the cameras returned to the track, Myers pointed out the obvious and what he saw in the video.  

“Notice in that picture, that’s the one time Jeff was behind you in anything,” Myers said with a straight face. Gordon busted out laughing. 

It was a comical ending to the segment. Myers proved then and again on Sunday he’s not just an announcer with a deep voice, but he’s also got a good poker face that comes in quite handy when pulling off a prank on live television.

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