Jeremy Stephens: Inspiring the Next Generation of Automotive Leaders

Jeremy Stephens is the Director of Fixed Operations of the Hiester Automotive Group. He started his career in the automotive business at a local service station. Later on, he became a technician at a Chevrolet dealership and continued in that role until 2010. He is also a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, and currently assist other managers in developing their leadership skills through coaching and training.

In this episode of the Parts Girl Podcast, Kaylee Felio interviews Jeremy Stephens, a Fixed Operations Director at the Heister Automotive Group in North Carolina. Jeremy Stephens shares his experience in the industry, including a tragic event that led him back to the dealership. They also discuss the importance of leadership and training the next generation in the automotive industry.

One crucial takeaway from Jeremy’s experience is the importance of consistency. Regardless of the industry, ideas and initiatives must be implemented and followed through consistently for growth and development to occur. This consistency drives improvement, customer satisfaction, and overall success within the dealership.

Jeremy Stephens also emphasizes that leadership is not an innate quality, but a trainable skill. While some individuals may naturally possess certain leadership characteristics, anyone can become an effective leader with the right mindset and training. Developing oneself as a leader is the crucial first step in imparting that knowledge to others and building a culture of leadership within the organization.

To maintain a competitive edge in the automotive industry, it is crucial to attract and retain talented employees. By focusing on personal growth, cultivating leadership skills, and consistently exhibiting a commitment to excellence, individuals can create an environment of growth and development that attracts and retains exceptional talent. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the industry, these insights serve as a valuable guide in cultivating exceptional leadership skills and driving growth within your organization.


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  1. Consistenly follow through with ideas.
  2. Leadership is trainable.
  3. Development starts with yourself.


“When you start focusing on yourself, everything just kind of falls into place.” –Jeremy Stephens


Jeremy Stephens



Kaylee Felio