Jill Trotta: Managing Your Tire Ecosystem


Jill Trotta is a veteran of the automotive industry, having spent 9 years with Repair Pal before embarking on a 9-month long search for her next move. With her extensive experience, Jill brings a wealth of knowledge to the automotive industry and continues to seek out new challenges and opportunities.

In this episode of Parts Girl Podcast, Kaylee Felio interviews Jill Trotta, a former Repair Pal employee who now works with Torqata. Jill Trotta discusses her career journey, her passion for educating consumers about tire safety and replacements, and the importance of offering tire services in the automotive industry. She also shares her thoughts on hydrogen technology and her experience with owning a Toyota Mirai hydrogen vehicle.

Prioritizing Tire Services

The tire industry can bring profitable returns if businesses underscore the necessity of tire services in their auto maintenance and repair catalog. Jill Trotta places importance on enlightening customers about tire safety and the need for timely replacements. Drawing from her personal mishap due to neglecting tire safety in her youth, which led to an unfortunate accident, she underscores the vital need to spread awareness about maintaining tires and the possible hazards of driving on expired or worn-out ones.

Insights on Hydrogen Technology

Towards the end, Jill Trotta shares her thoughts on hydrogen technology. She details her experience as an owner of a Toyota Mirai, a hydrogen-powered vehicle. Hydrogen technology holds great promise to transform the automotive sector, but hurdles related to infrastructure and supply chains need to be surmounted for it to gain wider acceptance.


All in all, this episode is a treasure trove of insights for those in the automotive business and safety-conscious consumers. By offering tire services and enlightening consumers, businesses can boost their revenue while fostering safer roads.


  1. Tire safety should be a top priority for all consumers.
  2. Offering tire services can be a great customer retention tool.
  3. Create different revenue streams.


“I once thought that selling tires wasn’t a profitable business. But, my opinion has definitely changed.” –Jill Trotta


Jill Trotta

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Website: www.torqata.com

Kaylee Felio

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