Jonathan Cabak: Streamlining Shop Efficiency using AI and Automations

Jonathan Cabak is the co-founder and CEO of Detect Auto, an AI-based analytics platform aimed at improving the efficiency and profitability of auto repair shops. He previously ran a company that sold computer vision-based fans, which had a camera in the middle and would rotate to face the person in the room. After pivoting to the auto repair industry, Jonathan Cabak has been successful in bringing his innovative ideas to the forefront.

In today’s episode, Jonathan joins Kaylee to share his experiences. They discuss the data collection problems that auto repair shops often face. Also, they talk about how Detect Auto makes things easier. It removes the need for manual data entry, which helps shops work better.

Dealing with Challenges

Auto repair shops have always faced many problems. Data collection is one of the biggest. Now, thanks to new technology, there’s a solution. A new software can automatically gather data for shops. This cuts out manual data entry and finds any slow points in their repair process.

The Three Pillars of Auto Repair

Jonathan talks about the three key parts of an auto repair shop: people, process, and pricing. Each team member is unique, so it’s important to give them tasks they’re good at. This leads to the need for a good process. It makes sure that the technicians and front-of-house staff can share important data easily.

Balancing AI and Human Input

While AI can do tasks and think in new ways, people are still needed for some things. So, finding a balance between AI and human work is important. AI can help in many ways. For example, voice assistants can help find the right parts for a task. But for more complex jobs, people might still need to step in.

In Conclusion

In short, good data collection and shop efficiency can really improve the customer experience. When manual data entry is removed, data collection becomes more accurate. This leads to better communication and smoother repair orders.

In the future, the auto repair industry is likely to become more automated and digital. With the right tools and skills, this could be a good thing for customers, employees, and employers.


  1. Automate data collection in repair shops.
  2. Combine AI and humans in completing tasks.
  3. Use predictive analytics.


“There’s a ton of amazing technologies that exist today, and we’re just doing a small part of it.” –Jonathan Cabak


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