Keanu Reeves Meets Drunk Automotive YouTuber in This Cringy Tale

by Gabrielle DeSantis

It isn’t uncommon to hear a truly cringe-worthy story that involves a bit too much alcohol, and, with judgment a bit hazy, it is easy to understand how one zealous Keanu Reeves fan might be unable to hide their excitement at the opportunity to meet the popular celebrity in person. Since the story has been released, there has only been speculation about which drunken YouTuber approached Keanu at the Michelin PS4S tire launch and media event. In fact, if you think you know who it was, chances are you are incorrect.

The Michelin PS4S tire launch and media event

The Michelin PS4S, or Pilot Sport 4S, is the newest line for the tire brand’s performance lineup. To introduce the brand to influencers and the media, Michelin held an event that allowed for people to actually try the tires out, and along with the event came autocross experiences, dinners, and even a bit of relaxing for some of the influencers in the form of adult beverages. So, as this story starts out, of course, the embarrassment goes hand in hand with a bit too much to drink.

Keanu Reeves | Jeff Kravitz, FilmMagic

Tavarish claims that it wasn’t him

The storyteller himself, David, is known more commonly by his YouTuber handle @thatdudeinblue, and he went onto the VINWIKI channel to tell his story of watching the cringe-worthy and embarrassing moment. While David did not name who the drunken YouTuber was himself, other sources have read into the comment sections, suspecting the YouTuber to be Freddy Hernandez — or, as he is most popularly known as, Tavarish.

Tavarish has publicly announced that his comment on the VINWIKI channel was, in fact, a joke on his part, and anyone who is familiar with his content and personality would likely agree that this falls well within his sense of humor.

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The joke that got taken too seriously

Many news articles and outlets have taken Freddy’s joking commentary to heart, believing that he was, in fact, the drunk YouTuber who approached Keanu Reeves in that story. There hasn’t been any news update yet as to who the YouTuber in question was, but it seems for the sake of their privacy and to save them from embarrassment, we may never know.

Freddy has claimed that his comment in the YouTube video was merely a joke:

“I would like to publicly apologize for my actions. I ordered a white wine spritzer and then the room started spinning and I can’t remember anything after that.”

Freddy Hernandez, aka Tavarish, YouTuber

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Because no other YouTuber has stepped forward, many people will likely continue to believe that Tavarish was the drunk YouTuber the storyteller describes, but only those in attended the event know the full facts of the story. So really, all we can do from here is guess, because chances are we may never know.

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