Kelley Reis: Empowering Employees for Excellent Dealership Experiences

Kelley Reis is an Automotive Consultant, Facilitator, Data Analyst, and CX Strategist, with over 20 years in the automotive industry. Her professional experience has spanned across variable and fixed automotive retail operations, from a single point franchise to the oversight of multiple franchises.

In the automotive industry, customer retention is a crucial aspect of dealership success. Happy, loyal customers not only bring repeat business but also serve as brand advocates. In this episode of the Parts Girl Podcast, Kaylee Felio is joined by Kelley Reis, an automotive consultant and facilitator to discuss how dealerships can improve customer retention by focusing on the customer experience.

One of the main challenges Kelley Reis highlights is the overcomplication and redundancy of dealership processes. In an effort to streamline operations and improve efficiency, dealerships often end up creating distractions that take attention away from the customer. 

Kelley also stresses the importance of utilizing technology resources effectively. Frequently, dealerships have multiple plugins and ancillary systems in place, resulting in redundant tasks for employees. Identifying these redundancies and streamlining communication channels can significantly improve efficiency and allow employees to focus on providing exceptional customer service.

Additionally, open communication among team members is vital for process improvement. Kelley advises dealership leaders to encourage their teams to share struggles and provide insights into existing processes.

In conclusion, enhancing customer retention in dealerships requires simplifying and streamlining operations. By eliminating distractions and focusing on the customer, dealerships can provide a personalized experience that builds customer loyalty. Utilizing technology effectively and fostering open communication will enable dealerships to continuously improve processes and deliver exceptional customer service.


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  1. Simplify processes to reduce distractions.
  2. Use technology resources effectively.
  3. Foster open communication among team members.


“We need to slow down just a little bit and take a minute to really evaluate what our processes are.” –Kelley Reis


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