Leaked: 2022 Chevy Silverado Pickup Front End and More

by Gabrielle DeSantis

In spite of the happy talk from Chevy about the Silverado front-end design, nobody is getting fooled. It has met with derision since its debut. We expected a different front end before this mid-cycle redesign, but Chevy has stood firm. Now, however, we finally have our first look at the new front end that is coming for 2022. 

The side curtains or “sideburns” are eliminated on the 2022 Silverado

2022 Silverado front end | GM Authority

For whatever reason, the Silverado front-end air curtains have become known as “sideburns.” Well, those sideburns will be relegated to the ash heap of bad design for the 2022 iteration. Now those air curtains will be relocated to below the headlights according to GM Authority. But there are still other changes.

The “Chevrolet” lettering emblazoned across the middle of the grille will be moved up higher. Now it will be placed just below the hood. A model designation emblem will be tucked into the driver’s side corner of the grille as well. 

It looks like Chevy won’t need any new sheet metal tooling to accommodate the changes. The leading edge of the hood and front fenders look untouched from previous years. The changes are held to the headlights, grille, bumper, and soft body color area where the side curtains once rode. 

The Silverado sideburns are gone and the grille and bumper are redesigned

Test mule of 2022 Silverado
2022 Chevy Silverado test mule | GM Authority

To clean things up the front bumper has also been redesigned. A thin grille has now been incorporated into the bumper. In general, it is better integrated into the fascia than the previous version. With how the side curtains cut down into the bumper it almost made the bumper look like it came from another truck. 

The rear has some changes too. New wheels and a completely revised interior to better compete with the Ram 1500 are all part of the refresh. A new center stack, larger infotainment screen, new dash, and center console are all part of the changes here. 

The 2022 Silverado also gets the Global B/ Vehicle Intelligent Platform

Pictured is a red 2021 Chevy Silverado outdoors.
2021 Chevy Silverado | Xinhua/Joel Lerner via Getty Images

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A new gauge cluster will also give the option of digital readouts. The column shift has been replaced by a gear selector. And Global B/Vehicle Intelligent Platform architecture will allow GM’s Super Cruise semi-autonomous driver-assist system integration. 

The release of the 2022 Silverado has been pushed back partly due to COVID-19 delays. We were hoping it would have been released by next month. Now, it is looking like the end of the summer before we’ll get our eyes on the first production models. And because Chevy has changed up the Silverado’s front end, we can say that when your eyes do get to see it they’ll be happier than with the previous version. 

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