Lebanon’s First Electric Sports Car Looks Kinda…Weird?

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Lebanon has never had an electric vehicle manufacturer until now. This is the EV Electra Quds Rise EV sports car. No matter where it shows up we bet it gets plenty of stares. Every country has different touch points-it’s why there are different ones made in Europe and Asia than here. 

The Electra Quds Rise EV will definitely stand out

Electra Quds Rise sports car | Electra

We’re thinking it looks vaguely like a cross between a Porsche 911, a Bugatti, and an Alfa Romeo 4C. The grille is like a mangled Bugatti Chiron with the overall design like a puffed-up 911 with touches of 4C. Whatever you see in the design it definitely stands out. 

The Quds Rise EV comes from Electra which was started by Jihad Mohammed in 2017. It produces other EVs but the Quds Rise is its first sports car. Its fiberglass body is attached to a “superlight aluminum chassis” skateboard platform incorporating steel reinforcements. 

The Quds Rise EV grill was inspired by the Dome of the Rock shrine

Electra Quds Rise sports car grille
Electra Quds Rise sports car | Electra

The grille has the look of a Chiron but is actually patterned after the Dome of the Rock Islamic shrine in Jerusalem. Centered in the grille is a gold Phoenix bird. That grille comes in either black or gold. Overall it looks a bit like it is running on a lift kit or somebody pumped up the air ride a little too much. 

The car weighs only 2,425 lbs. That light amount of weight aids the single front electric motor that can launch the Quds Rise from 0-60 mph in just under five seconds. The top speed is just over 100 mph. A 50 kWh lithium-ion battery pack gives the Quds Rise 280 miles of range. 

Butterfly doors are featured, though we see no images that show this dramatic function. Featured inside is an almost 16-inch touchscreen infotainment center. Leather abounds in the Quds Rise. 

Electra also makes the eCab EV

Electra eCab Taxi | Electra
Electra eCab EV Taxi | Electra

Other models like the eCab are part of Electra’s product portfolio. This looks like a 1950s Austin A40-if you don’t know what these are Google it. Drag racers would make Gassers out of those in the 1960s because they were lightweight and cheap. The retro-styled sedan is used as a Taxicab. 

Electra’s luxury sedan is the Quds Capital ES sedan. It comfortably seats five adults and uses a 320 hp dual-motor system that is all-wheel-drive. It claims to have almost 500 miles of range. 

Back to the Quds Rise. It begins production at the end of this year for release to showrooms in 2022. It will sell for $30,000. Electra expects to produce about 10,000 next year. 

Electra Quds Rise sports car rear
Electra Quds Rise sports car | Electra

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