Mercedes-Benz Unveils Three Interesting Trim Levels for the 2022 C-Class

by Gabrielle DeSantis

The C-Class sedan is Mercedes-Benz middling four-door sedan model, sitting just below the E-Class and S-Class models, but above the A-Class. As such, it’s the Goldilocks of Mercedes’ lineup. Just nice enough to be premium without breaking the bank. Options are plentiful, but up until recently, there was really only one trim level. With the C-Class being all-new for 2022, Merc has introduced some new trim levels and tech to spice up the C.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Premium Trim

The 2022 Mercedes C-Class | Daimler

Despite its misleading title, the Premium trim is the most basic trim level available for the new baby Merc. According to MotorTrend, it does come with some choice options that can’t be overlooked. Most of these included options are focused around Mercedes’ fantastic infotainment system. The new C-Class gets a sizable 12.3-inch digital dash, in addition to an 11.9-inch touchscreen. While those options are great, Mercedes-Benz has made sure to throw some more unique tech down to the C-Class

First among these is the fingerprint scanner. While Mercedes-Benz doesn’t specify how it’ll be used, it’s sure to center around the smartphone integration that is also offered. The S-Class is always a pioneer of new safety tech, and the C-Class gets a little bit of that glory with the German marque’s full suite of safety features like lane departure and blind-spot monitoring.

Mercedes-Benz Exclusive and Pinnacle Trims

The interior of the Mercedes C-Class, with a large touch screen in the center and coffee-colored seats
The all-new interior of the C-Class | Daimler

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Moving up the line, there’s only one middling trim for the new C-Class. Should you spec out a C-Class any options from the trim level below are included in the cost of the next trim level up. The Exclusive trim level comes with everything in the Premium trim and then some. Buyers will also be given a heated wheel, wireless charging, and the lovely Burmester sound system. Not only does the system sound fantastic, but it also looks amazing, with the speakers covered in milled aluminum.

The Pinnacle builds on the trim levels below it, and it’s where the Mercedes-Benz tech really shines. Pinnacle trim C-Class models will come with a heads-up display. If you’ve never used one before, they’re extremely useful; helping to keep your eyes focused on the road while feeding you anything you might want to know at a glance. Heads up displays like this will only get more common, and it’s good to see some higher-end tech trickle down a little. The cream of the crop trim level also integrates a sci-fi augmented video navigation feature for the nav unit. Turns will be shown in real-time on the navigation feed along with their surroundings, aiding in navigation.

Which C-Class is the one for you?

The Mercedes-Benz badge photographed on the nose of a car.
The Mercedes-Benz logo | Giulia Marchi via Getty Images

The new 2022 C-Class is set to be a fantastic entry-level luxury sedan, with plentiful amenities and tech. However, that Mercedes-Benz badge does cost something, and the top-of-the-line C-Class is bound to get a bit pricey. The middling Exclusive trim is bound to offer the most tech and features for the best price, without getting exorbitantly expensive. More information on the C-Class and its pricing will be available soon.

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