NWM on-ear Japanese headphones, much safer than Apple AirPods

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This past January, at CES Las Vegas 2024 nwm solidified itself as a trailblazer in audio technology. Specializing in the development of its proprietary personalized sound zone technology (PSZ), nwm headphones open ear headphones provide unparalleled connectivity to their surroundings, ensuring a heightened sense of security without compromising audio quality, through this innovative new technology.

Designed by the exceptional Japanese craftsmanship of NTT Sonority, the audio engineering arm of NTT, the company boasts a rich history of audio innovation, with a legacy spanning over several decades.


nwm was created after conducting audio and acoustic research for over half a century. The PSZ technology is at the core of all nwm products, and was developed by engineers, with a goal to allow individuals to freely control their sound experience while staying alert to their surroundings-- being able to listen to music and have a conversation at the same time. PSZ technology uses small speakers next to the ears rather than ear buds that go inside, It transmits the sound within the ears, without blocking them -- and the sound is cancelled out by producing an inverted soundwave that neutralizes it so no one else can hear it,

Unlike conventional audio devices, which house the speaker unit in a box to prevent interference, the PSZ technology is the world's first technology to create the sound 360 degrees around the ear to minimize sound leakage. This it is not a directional speaker. It doesn't vibrate or exert pressure as with bone conduction earphones, allowing for continuous stress-free listening. PSZ technology minimizes sound leakage while being an on-ear speaker, delivering a natural yet new listening experience that utilizes the ear’s innate properties.