Owning an Electric Vehicle Now Shows the Potential for Overcoming Gas Crisis

by Gabrielle DeSantis

The potential for a fuel crisis has sent panic through the heart of many Americans, and, consequently, everyone with a gasoline-powered car seems to be headed to the local gas station to fill up. As a Florida native, this behavior isn’t particularly odd to me, as it is a pattern that proceeds any tropical storm or hurricane. Still, it does bring about a more relevant point: electric car owners can kick back with their feet up and relax, while gasoline-powered car owners are becoming increasingly stressed.

Signs reading “out of gas” cover screens on pumps at a gas station | Sean Rayford, Getty Images

The 2021 gasoline crisis

Almost every major news outlet is covering the events and outcomes surrounding the fuel crisis. What is causing the panic is the cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline that has left the east coaster scrambling to ensure that their gas tanks are full. According to the Washington Post, this shutdown of the pipelines, one of the biggest US pipelines on the east coast, might be giving car owners a reason to consider buying an electric vehicle after all.

A empty gas station at night
A gas station | Dhiraj Singh, Bloomberg, Getty Images

Electric car owners don’t care about the debate over the validity of the gas crisis

As happens any time people go into a panic, social media floods with different angles and narratives that can be borderline impossible to decipher what information is correct. Regardless of whether or not people have a reason to be worried about a gasoline shortage in their area, they are choosing to fill their tanks — just to be safe. Right now, it seems, owners of electric cars seem to be living their best, stress-free life — well, at least when it comes to how they will be powering their car.

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An issue more relevant in the long run

The fear of fuel shortage and the ability to overcome fuel shortages with an electric vehicle show us a window into a future where gasoline-powered cars are the minority. This isn’t the first time some areas have been starving for gasoline, but as the popularity of electric cars continues to increase, fewer and fewer drivers will be at the mercy of what is available at the pump.

In situations like this, electric car owners do genuinely have a leg up. While they may struggle to charge their cars in case of a power outage, companies like Tesla are working to create efficient fuel cells that allow owners to store enough energy to recharge their vehicles and even homes and businesses.

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In case of natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes, cyber attacks on major pipelines, or any other problem that could cause a widespread fuel shortage, owning an electric vehicle that can be charged at home, with a generator, or using solar panels can be a major benefit, and this current fuel crisis is just one example of a time when having owning an electric car is more beneficial than owning a gasoline-powered vehicle.

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