Recall Alert: Ford Recalling Affected Ford F-350 Super Duty Trucks

by Gabrielle DeSantis

The Ford F-350 Super Duty truck is a purpose-built machine designed for heavy loads and hard work. However, some 2020-2021 F-350 Super Duty models are part of a recent recall issued by Ford Motor Company. These trucks are a common choice for those pulling a travel trailer or fifth-wheel RV. Here’s what you need to know about the recall. 

Ford F-350 Super Duty Truck | David Graff/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

What is the Ford F-350 Super Duty truck recall for? 

According to RV Travel, the recall involves 2020-2021 F-350 Super Duty models equipped with the 6.7 liter diesel engine and Dana model 275 rear axles. Ford Motor Company issued the recall due to driveshaft problems. Trucks affected by these particular driveshaft problems may experience driveshaft separation. 

The recall report informs the public that the rear axle housing might not be able to withstand the load of this large pickup truck. If the rear axle can’t support the truck’s weight, the housing may deform. This is what leads to driveshaft separation. 

How many trucks are affected by the Ford Motor Company recall?

The 2021 Ford Super Duty pickup truck driving at speed
Ford F-Series Super Duty truck | Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post via Getty Images

The Ford Motor Company recall includes a potential total of 27,604 affected pickup trucks. If you own a Ford F-350 Super Duty truck, the driveshaft problems could affect your vehicle. If you think that your truck might fall under this recall initiative, there are some steps owners can take toward amending or preventing the issue. 

Driveshaft separation can lead to a loss of drive power or spontaneous vehicle movement when the truck is in park. So these driveshaft problems aren’t just potentially frustrating. The issues also have dangerous potential consequences, such as the increased risk of a crash.

What owners need to know if they think their F-350 Super Duty model is affected

Letters notifying owners of the recall should go out on August 16, 2021. In addition, Ford F-350 Super Duty truck owners can contact Ford Motor Company customer service. The number to contact this department is 1-866-436-7332. For reference, the number for this Ford Motor Company recall is 21S31.

If your truck falls under the recall, you may need to take it to the dealership for an inspection. Should the mechanic there find any problems with deformities of the axle housing, the housing will receive repairs as needed. Some 2020-2021 F-350 Super Duty models may even need a full replacement of the part. 

What else can Ford F-350 Super Duty truck owners do about the Ford Motor Company recall? 

For anyone that owns a 2020-2021 F-350 Super Duty model, there are other ways to look into the recall as well. Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline. This hotline can be reached at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153).

Here, information is available for owners. In order to find out more, Ford F-350 Super Duty truck owners can use their vehicle identification number (VIN). If you find out your truck is part of the recall, the NHTSA Safety Hotline can help in terms of telling owners what to do next. Additionally, owners can learn more information about the recall.

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