Robotic Lawn Mowers Will Mow Your Lawn So You Don’t Have To

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Not everyone enjoys mowing the lawn. The good news is that for those who don’t, there are other options. And those other options? They don’t necessarily include hiring potentially expensive landscapers. In fact, choose a robotic lawn mower, and you can count on it to mow your lawn, so you don’t have to.

How do robotic lawn mowers actually work?

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Robotic lawn mowers? You might be asking yourself. As futuristic as they may sound, robotic lawn mowers are actually a real thing. They’ve been around for quite some time too. But if you haven’t heard of them? Let’s talk about how robotic lawn mowers actually work.

According to PC Mag, robotic lawn mowers work just like a Roomba. You know, the robotic vacuum cleaner. That’s putting it very simply, however. In fact, as PC Mag explains, “All mowers use a battery-operated motor with cutting blades, an AC-powered base station, perimeter wire, and sensors that prevent them from wandering off your property or into the street.”

As for programming a robotic lawn mower? This type of lawn mower can be programmed using a control panel in the unit. Many robotic lawn mowers also pair with smartphone apps so you can control your robotic mower from your phone. 

How long can a robotic lawn mower last?

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As we’ve established, all robotic lawn mowers are battery-powered. But how long can you expect a robotic lawn mower’s rechargeable battery pack to last? According to PC Mag, batteries on entry-level models, or those most often used for small yards, can last up to 30 minutes. Opt for a high-end mower, and it could last for up to four hours. 

The good news is that recharging a robotic lawn mower isn’t all that difficult. “The robot charges, and then goes out and mows, and then it comes back and charges again, and then goes out and mows again,” Newman Aguiar of Mowbot of the Triangle explained in an interview with LawnStarter. “It is an autonomous machine that manages itself and decides when to mow, how frequently it needs to mow, whether the grass actually needs to be cut.”

The best robotic lawn mowers to put on your list

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As for the best robotic lawn mowers? As it turns out, there are quite a few worth your consideration. Take, for example, the Worx WR140. According to Digital Trends, the Worx WR140 is the best robotic lawn mower to buy. It costs roughly $1,000 and can be managed using a helpful smartphone app. It also features a “cut to edge” design that helps the blades mow as close to the lawn’s edges as it can.

The Worx WR140 isn’t the only robotic lawn mower worth checking out. Digital Trends also tapped the Husqvarna Automower 450X as one of the best robotic lawn mowers to buy. This lawn mower is pricey and will run you about $3,150. However, it can mow over an acre of land.

Is it time you bought a robotic lawn mower?

It all depends. There’s really no denying that robotic lawn mowers have a certain cool factor to them that other lawn mowers don’t. But, they’re also expensive. When it comes to buying a robotic lawn mower for yourself, we recommend weighing your options first.

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