Stan Mirzayev: Revolutionizing Ordering Car Parts

Stan Mirzayev is the Co-Founder and CEO of Parts Pass, a company committed to revolutionize the customer experience through the power of technology, including AI, to streamline the process of purchasing auto parts.

In this episode of the Parts Girl podcast, Kaylee Felio sits down with Stan Mirzayev to discuss his innovative app that is revolutionizing the car parts industry. Parts Pass is a free mobile app that simplifies the process of ordering car parts by integrating artificial intelligence and user-friendly features. Whether you are a car enthusiast or a regular driver, this app will make your life easier when it comes to getting the right parts for your vehicle.

A Game-Changer: The App’s Three-Step Process

Parts Pass employs a straightforward three-step method. Just snap a picture of your car or input its year, make, and model. You’ll then receive a detailed list of parts, with pricing, manufacturer notes, and warranty info. It’s akin to having a personal car repair assistant at your fingertips.

Setting Parts Pass Apart: User Feedback and Improvement

What differentiates Parts Pass is its dedication to user feedback and ongoing refinement. Stan values an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and openness to feedback, even if it invites criticism. This strategy helps tailor the app to users’ needs, assuring the best experience.

More Than Functionality: The Power of a Positive Mindset

But it’s not all about the app’s functionality. Stan also highlights maintaining a positive mindset. Self-talk and belief in the phrase “this too shall pass,” help him cope with tough situations and find joy in positive moments.

The Solution to Your Auto Parts Search

Are you tired of the tedious search for the right car parts? The Parts Pass app could be your simpler solution. Join us on the Parts Girl Podcast as we delve into Parts Pass’s world, its easy-to-use features, and the strength of a positive mindset in entrepreneurship.


  1. Give value to your customers.
  2. Great entrepreneurs thrive in chaos.
  3. Customer feedback gives opportunity for growth in your business.


“We really strive to listen to the users, and adapt and change really quickly.” –Stan Mirzayev


Stan Mirzayev



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