Tesla Aftermarket Tuner Unplugged Performance Gets First Of Its Kind

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Tesla keeps a tight grip on its everything. It doesn’t have franchise dealers. It doesn’t advertise. And service is done by Tesla authorized service centers that Tesla owns. What all of this means is that going outside of what Tesla has been able to establish is unheard of. Like, the aftermarket

Unplugged is an official aftermarket Tesla service and repair shop

Unplugged Performance Tesla | Unplugged

So it is more than surprising that an independent Tesla customizing shop has been awarded an official Tesla service and repair shop. Unplugged Performance in Hawthorne, California, has gotten Tesla’s seal of approval. “We are always grateful for our eight-year relationship with our neighbors at Tesla and today we announce something very special to us. Unplugged Performance is now directly authorized for Tesla vehicle service and body repair,” the company announced on Instagram.

Tesla just doesn’t go outside of its own established business practices to authorize outside vendors. Unplugged Performance isn’t the first independent shop to get such authorization, but it is exceedingly rare in the Teslaverse. 

Having Unplugged modify your Tesla won’t void the warranty

Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3
Unplugged Performance Tesla | Unplugged

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But it is the first that specializes in modifying Teslas. The salient point of that is having Unplugged modify your Tesla won’t void the warranty. So you’re probably wondering what Unplugged Performance does to Teslas? 

They’re mostly known for aftermarket performance and suspension improvements. Bigger brakes and exterior aerodynamic improvements are some of their most popular mods. It will also install racing seats with either a four- or six-point harness and sell 4-point roll bar systems for Model 3, Model S, Model X and Model Y Teslas. 

Unplugged doesn’t modify the performance of motors or batteries

Unplugged modified Tesla
Unplugged Performance Tesla | Unplugged

Interestingly, what Unplugged doesn’t show in their catalog is anything to do with typical aftermarket power mods. You know, like modifying the performance of the motors or batteries. No power booster modules or dual-motor conversions are available. Anything that might void the warranty is not part of Unplugged’s program. 

This goes back to what we said in the beginning about Tesla wanting a tight grip on all aspects of its cars. If it authorized aftermarket power boosters then many buyers might opt for the lowest-power Tesla thinking they can upgrade to a booster later. Tesla loses the extra money from higher-tiered models.  

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