Tesla Cybertruck RV Add-on Pre-orders Hit $50 Million

by Gabrielle DeSantis

CyberLandr, the Tesla Cybertruck RV Add-on, is creating a stir. The founders of CyberLandr have more in mind than simply giving Tesla owners camping solutions. They want to shake up the RV industry completely. Moreover, it appears that buyers are ready for the change as pre-orders took off, exceeding the company’s expectations.

Tesla Cybertruck RV Add-on creates a futuristic RV

Both the Tesla Cybertruck and the CyberLandr appeal to the futurist in everyone. There’s nothing subtle about the sci-fi influence in every detail of Tesla’s pickup. Similarly, the CyberLandr perfectly compliments both the look and lifestyle of the Cybertruck. This is an RV unlike anything seen before, and that’s what it’s meant to be.

This RV brings an unprecedented level of technology to camping. A voice-activated and controlled kitchen sink sets the tone. Owners will be able to ask for exact measurements and temperatures with their natural speaking voice. Its closed refiltering water system means campers can pour freshwater directly down their sink and fill their holding tank.

CyberLandr fits in the bed of the Tesla Cybertruck and folds down flat, level with the pickup. It can easily be removed or installed to take full advantage of the Tela’s truck bed. This versatile accessory turns the Cybertruck into one of the most unique RVs on the market today.

CyberLandr creators say orders exceeded expectations

Tesla Cybertruck | Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

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2021 Ford Explorer Timberline announced the Tesla Cybertruck RV Add-on in early April. Subsequently, within the first 15 days of pre-orders opening, over 1,000 customers put down their deposit. This exceeded the designers’ expectations fivefold. This warm reception confirms what CyberLandr’s development team learned through focus groups: people are ready for high-tech ultra-compact RVs.

Based on projected pre-order sales and current numbers, Stream It, Inc. expects to have 10,000 units spoken for by 2022. The company has stated that it intends to manufacture the CyberLandr in Texas alongside the Cybertruck. Both the Cybertruck and CyberLandr have the same projected release timeline.

Stream It created a CGI marketing video depicting its features and function. Watching in real-time as the CyberLandr is reconfigured is essential to convey just how unique this concept is. CyberLandr solves many problems that conventional camper owners face.

An interesting parallel between Tesla and CyberLandr Creators

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Co-founders Lance King and Bill French have spoken publicly about their product and purpose. Some interesting parallels between the new RV maker and Tesla abound. The most superficial is that both have created cutting-edge consumer products that make incredible technology accessible to many.

Below the surface, a similar spirit binds the two companies. For example, both Tesla and Stream It began as software companies. Lance King commented that the best products are a marriage of software and hardware. In short, Tesla and CyberLandr combine experience in hardware and software design with customer experience in mind.

Tesla’s customer base is loyal and enthusiastic. Similarly, the Cyberlandr is already stirring up excitement. If pre-orders are any indicator, Stream It may enjoy similar devotion. Pre-orders are not the same as hard sales figures, but it’s safe to say the future looks bright for the futuristic travel solution. The Tesla Cybertruck RV Add-on is just the beginning.

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