Tesla Model 3 Ranked as One of the ‘Most Overrated Cars of All Time’ Due to Poor Interior, Quality, and Cost

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Jalopnik recently released a poll where readers voted on the most overrated cars. The results included the Tesla Model 3, and considering some of the drivers’ issues with the model, this rating makes sense. Read on to find out more about the Tesla Model 3, why drivers had issues with it, and other cars that readers consider overrated.

Tesla Model 3 history, specs, price, and success

A Tesla Model 3 parked outside a Tesla Gigafactory | Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images

The Tesla Model 3 came out in 2017 and was marketed as the company’s most affordable model. Indeed, the price tag is comparable to many gas-powered vehicles, with the entry model coming in at $39,990. According to Tesla, it has an estimated range of 262 miles on a full charge and a top speed of 140 mph. Based on statistics from GoodCarBadCar, the model had its best car sales in 2020 in the U.S., selling 206,500 cars.

What issues did drivers have with the Model 3?

Many drivers have taken issue with the Model 3, however. Drivers have reported everything from software glitches to exterior issues. Some of the issues reported are extremely serious and have risked the safety of the drivers. One of these is power shutdowns while driving, and while there was a warning to the driver to pull over, this is still not ideal.

Others have reported complete touchscreen failure, with one owner saying that the stereo system would play on its own at full volume and the car wouldn’t charge. Considering that the touchscreen controls many vehicle functions, a touchscreen failure is one of the worst-case scenarios and necessitates calling a technician.

These are certainly not the only issues drivers have experienced with the Model 3. While the model is more affordable than some, as EVs continue to advance and competition brings prices down, the Model 3 begins to look like a less favorable option. This is especially true if the relatively average upfront cost comes with possibly thousands of dollars spent on repairs, as some have also stated that maintenance costs are high. Car and Driver stated that it had costs “totaling $432 for three [brake caliper lubrication] services thus far, which often also include a tire rotation” once the vehicle reached 30,000 miles.

Many users have also complained about the Model 3 having a “boring” interior, with some calling it “ugly.” This is mainly referring to Tesla’s more minimalistic design direction. The interior is mostly a single color without many aesthetic bells and whistles drivers expect from vehicles, such as colored accents. It should be noted that some users actually prefer the minimalistic design, so this is subjective.

Other cars that are considered overrated

Jalopnik published poll results recently, which gauged which cars were considered the most overrated. Among them was the Tesla Model 3, which was at the beginning of the list, indicating many readers found it most disappointing and not worth the hype. Another entry on the list was the BMW 5 Series, which one reader described as a “fat, dumpy soap bar.” It earned its place on the list primarily for aesthetics. Later on, in the list is the Toyota Supra, and one reader described its specs as being average compared to other models in its class.

Interestingly, the poll includes the Ford Model T, one of the first production model cars and came out over a century ago. Readers seemed to consider cars overrated from all historical points, from one of the first cars on the market to cars that came out a few years ago, like the Model 3.

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