Tesla Owner Creates an Automatic EV Charger

by Gabrielle DeSantis

This Tesla owner found a creative solution to one of Tesla’s biggest problems. Tesla has created some of the most popular electric vehicles that are currently on the market. Tesla models come with tons of cool features. Unfortunately, they suffer from the same issue as other EVs: charging time. Telsa has a vast network of superchargers, but they may not always be nearby. This Tesla owner figured out how to optimize their home Tesla electric vehicle charger in the coolest way possible.

A makeshift automatic EV charger

Tesla Chargers

Tesla sells a home charger for its vehicles called a Wall Connector for $500 plus an installation fee. The Wall Connector wasn’t convenient enough for one Tesla owner, so they decided to take it to the next level. According to Car and Driver, a Tesla owner made a robotic, automatic Tesla charger to make EV charging even easier at home.

YouTuber and Tesla owner Pat Larson created a system with a robotic arm that connects the nozzle of the charger to the Tesla’s charging port. The system uses cameras and a Raspberry Pi computer to position its arm correctly. The computer uses machine learning, and the software is all run through the internet.

The automatic charger doesn’t work quickly, but it’s a cool way for a Tesla owner to charge their vehicle more easily. The process begins at the press of a button, and the system was designed to avoid any possible accidents. Knowing Tesla, if consumers relay that there is a demand for a charger like this, a similar system could be implemented sooner than we think.

Do all electric cars use the same charger?

Electric vehicle charging station.
An electric vehicle charging station | Michal Fludra/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Electric vehicle chargers come in different tiers depending on voltage. Tesla has some of the fastest chargers in the business. Unfortunately, Tesla Superchargers aren’t compatible with other EVs. The company plans to expand its Supercharger network and extend it to other automakers, so eventually, all brands should be able to use Tesla Superchargers.

As more automakers roll out EVs, they are also rolling out electric vehicle charging networks. Volkswagen created the multi-billion dollar Electrify America EV charging network. There are also other electric vehicle charging networks like ChargePoint. Electric vehicles may not be able to use the same chargers now, but when all new vehicles are electric, chances are one network will stand above the rest.

Are electric car chargers free?

Though free charging would make for one heck of an incentive, charging isn’t free. There are rare instances where certain locations offer free charging either for EVs or a specific brand. Some charging networks use a pay-as-you-go system, similar to gassing up a car. Automakers are developing subscription-based charging network accessibility.

Subscriptions would allow electric vehicle drivers to charge their vehicles at certain locations using branded, high-quality chargers. As electric vehicles become more popular, there will be fewer and fewer incentives to make the switch. Soon electric charger networks will take the places of gas stations. You may be able to skip the network locations entirely if you have an awesome EV charging setup like Pat Larson.

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