Tesla Vision Update Will Make Self-driving Less Horrifying

by Gabrielle DeSantis

When it comes to new automotive technology, Tesla is undefeated. The American automaker is constantly releasing updates and new features for its lineup of electric vehicles. From Dog Mode to Bioweapon Defense Mode, Tesla includes all the cool features a driver could want or need in its vehicles. Its most controversial feature is its Full Self-driving Mode. Thanks to a new update, it’s about to get a whole lot easier to wrap your head around.

The automaker that shocked the industry

Elon and his Model Y | Frederic J. Brown via Getty Images

Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk have successfully popularized the electric car. The California-based company has been producing electric vehicles for over a decade. Tesla Inc. has taken the automotive world by storm with its new Tesla Model Y crossover, Tesla Model 3, and Tesla Model X.

The new 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid is astonishingly fast. The Tesla Cybertruck is a futuristic pickup truck like no other. It seems like lately the automaker cannot lose, but there is still one thing the car company needs to perfect to truly change the auto industry. 

The electric car company is a huge factor in the industry’s push toward vehicles that use sustainable energy. As a result, it regularly develops new features and vehicles to entice first-time EV buyers. These new technological innovations coming from the Palo Alto company are causing Tesla stock to rise and putting pressure on other American automakers like Ford.

Tesla is even actively working on making its pricing more competitive. The last thing it must do to truly separate itself from the rest of the industry is perfect its autopilot system. The automaker’s models include a full self-driving feature that uses cameras to drive and brake accordingly. Many drivers and skeptics are afraid that the feature will lead to accidents. According to Electrek, the new Tesla Vision update will help alleviate some of the biggest concerns that surround the full self-driving system.

Tesla Vision aims to fix self-driving

Tesla Model 3 compact full electric car interior with a large touch screen on the dashboard on display at Brussels Expo.
The interior of a Tesla Model 3 | Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

Self-driving is a hard sell. People are used to being in complete control of their vehicles. The idea of a machine making decisions for drivers is frightening. To make matters worse, Teslas have experienced crashes while self-driving. Creating autonomous EVs is one of the main attributes that separate Tesla from other automakers. Now the company is working to drastically improve its full self-driving with cameras.

Tesla owners have already received the new update and have noted that the system now detects taillights amongst other improvements. Elon Musk claims that taillights are just the tip of the iceberg for the new and improved Tesla Vision. It will soon be sensitive to much more than just lights.

The future of Tesla Vision

A modified Tesla Model X enters a tunnel before an unveiling event for The Boring Company.
A modified Tesla Model X enters a tunnel before an unveiling event for The Boring Company. | Robyn Beck-Pool via Getty Images

The future of Tesla Vision and the company’s full self-driving feature is bright. The system will soon be able to detect police and ambulance flashing lights, turn signals, and hand gestures after some tweaks. Tesla Vision is Tesla’s very own spider-sense and will soon have programmed reactions to certain lights and even certain sounds.

Self-driving isn’t for everyone and chances are some folks will never warm up to the idea of autonomous vehicles. Tesla is determined to create the best autonomous vehicles possible and is working tirelessly to ensure that future drivers will have their own electronic chauffers. Is the new Tesla Vision update enough to convince you to let a Tesla take you out for a spin?

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