The 2021 BMW X5 Is 1 of the Most Satisfying 2-Row SUVs, Says Consumer Reports

by Gabrielle DeSantis

In a market literally filled with SUVs, which midsize SUVs have earned the most owner satisfaction? One of them is the 2021 BMW X5. The two-row luxury SUV offers a comfortable, composed ride, a lot of great tech features, and is recommended by Consumer Reports. What makes the BMW X5 one of the most satisfying midsize SUVs? What do consumers think about it? We have all the details.

The best midsize luxury SUVs

Consumer Reports recently released their list of the most satisfying midsize SUVs, and the 2021 BMW X5 placed second on it. The consumer site gave it an overall rating of 84, only two points lower than the 86 earned by the 2021 Subaru Outback which was in the top spot on the list.

But it’s fair to say that the X5 is the top luxury midsize SUV. The team at Consumer Reports claims the X5 is one of the best vehicles that they’ve ever tested.

The X5 offers a smooth, fast drive with the xDrive40i’s smooth 3.0-liter turbo six-cylinder engine. As potent as the system is, it still gets 23 mpg overall for good fuel efficiency. Its handling is composed and secure.

The cabin is everything you’d expect in a luxury vehicle. The interior is insulated against noise and the seats are comfortable even for extended periods of time on long road trips. The infotainment and controls are complex until you get the hang of it and there are great driver-assist features. 

As standard features, the X5 includes forward-collision warning with automatic emergency braking, cyclist and pedestrian detection, and blind-spot warnings.

How Consumer Reports determines satisfaction

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Each year, the CR team asks its members how happy they are with their vehicles. In the midsize SUV arena, there were five two and three-row SUVs that outshone all the others as far as their owners were concerned. According to CR’s Annual Auto Surveys, the five SUVs that made the list are vehicles their owners would happily buy again.

CR asks owners on the survey if they’d buy the vehicle again. They consider the percentage of owners who say they would when trying to determine the best of the bunch. Such recommendations from consumer sites like CR are good to have when shopping for your next vehicle. If a number of other people like a given SUV, there’s a good chance you’ll feel the same way. Such is the case with the 2021 BMW X5.

The 2021 BMW X5

The BMW X5 gets better with each generation. It’s a well-balanced vehicle offering comfort, luxury, and refinement. Its handling might not be as sharp as some of its peers. But it excels in build quality, agility, and power delivery.

The latest generation X5 has five seats standard with an available third-row seat that’s on the small side. The cabin is crafted from fine chrome, leather, and wood with sparsely used top-quality plastic. There is an abundance of innovative storage spaces in the cabin.

Its efficient powertrain pairs the engine with an automatic eight-speed transmission that’s a smooth shifter with no lag. The X5 drives like a luxury vehicle with a well-balanced suspension and confident handling. It also features a very capable braking performance.

The CR team was a big fan of the available head-up display for its crisp graphic presentation. It’s well incorporated into the infotainment center and displays data for audio, navigation, phone, and more.

The cargo area is nicely appointed with a handy two-piece tailgate. The big upper door pulls up while the small bottom door pulls down. The system allows you to easily load your cargo with a convenient button for mechanically closing both.

The CR team recommends the xDrive40i model with its balance of luxury and performance. They also recommend the Driver Assistance Plus package which adds active cruise control which helps you manage urban traffic with its frequent stops easily.

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