The 2021 Tesla Model X Earned This Major Consumer Reports Designation

by Gabrielle DeSantis

Tesla’s first priority has been to create the most eco-friendly vehicles possible. The company’s second priority was to create practical vehicles that people would love driving and find useful. The 2021 Tesla Model X is a perfect example of how the manufacturer has made the two priorities come together.

The Model X is designed to compete against the current crop of crossovers and serve as a green alternative that will work as both a family vehicle and/or daily commuter.

The entirely electric car has an impressive range, can seat up to seven passengers, and enough power to make stepping on the accelerator feel like a daring adventure. The same vehicle recently received a unique designation that proves Tesla continues to excel at producing green, environmentally-friendly vehicles.

How good is the 2021 Tesla Model X?

Most vehicle experts recommend purchasing the 2021 Tesla Model X Long Range Plus rather than the Plaid version. The 2021 Tesla Model X Long Range Plus has an expected driving range of 360 miles. 

The Model X Long Range vehicle is designed so that each of the vehicle’s axles has its very own electric motor and battery. Not only does this provide the vehicle with all-wheel-drive capability, but it also allows it to accelerate very quickly, especially for an electric car. 

AutoTrader reports that the vehicle is capable of driving at 155 mph and that it has a 0-60 mph rating of 2.5 seconds. 

“The Model X takes off with a smooth and effortless glide, which feels very satisfying, be it from a stop or accelerating once underway,” Consumer Reports wrote following the road test on which the vehicle scored an 83 out of 100.

“Forward thrust is abundant anywhere, anytime, and throttle response is electrifyingly quick. When we tested it, it launched to 60 mph in a very impressive 4.9 seconds. All-wheel-drive thanks to two motors, one powering the front, the other the rear axle, ensures traction to all four wheels.”

One of the interesting things about the 2021 Model X is that to a certain extent, the seating is customizable. The standard version of the vehicle is designed to accommodate five passengers, but some trim options offer seating for seven. Increasing the seating from five to seven will add $6,500 to the purchase price.

It’s a “Green Choice”

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Early in 2021, Green Car Congress announced that Consumer Reports had decided to launch a program they called “Green Choice.” The program was created when the reviewing agency realized that 66 percent of Americans are concerned about vehicular emissions.

CR hopes that the Green Choice designation will make it easier for people to find and select the most eco-friendly vehicle that also suits their driving needs. 

The 2021 Tesla Model X is one of the first vehicles to be awarded this unique designation. That means it is one of the 20 percent lowest emissions emitting vehicles produced in 2021. It’s impressive that Tesla managed to accomplish this without impacting the vehicle’s overall performance.

The few vehicles that receive the Green Choice designation are easily identified by an icon of a bright green leaf that appears directly above the vehicle’s name on the Consumer Reports’ website.

How safe is the 2021 Tesla Model X?

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When it comes to safety, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a vehicle that’s safe than the 2021 Tesla Model X. No expense was spared when it came to the vehicle’s safety features.

It’s equipped with automatic emergency braking, collision avoidance, lane keep assistance, eight airbags, Four-wheel antilock, front-row safety belt warning, electronic stability, rear door child safety locks, rollover crash sensor, and more. 

According to Car Indigo, “. . . overall the buyers can rely on the Tesla Model X SUV in terms of safety, as it carries forward the same features from the previous models that received the highest ratings.”

If you’re interested in purchasing the 2021 Tesla Model X, you get to choose from two different trim options. You should plan on spending between $79,990 and $119,990.

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